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Factors to consider before buying a Laptop


The age of Personal Desktop Computers is almost over. People these days prefer portable computers over these larger machines for all tasks, may they be business, educational, gaming or plain media entertainment.

There are a huge variety of laptops filling the global market today, manufactured to fulfill the different demands of the End User. For a hardcore gamer, gaming laptops like Alienware are produced with state-of-the-art configurations to give the user the best experience, for light household usage, basic laptops are manufactured with cut down specs, which are more than enough for these purposes, and so on.

Most users prefer just one laptop to perform all these tasks instead of having different laptops for different purposes. And different people have different preferences which affect factors like budget, specifications, design et cetera.

Here are some of the major things to be considered while purchasing a Laptop.


If you require a laptop just to do menial tasks like preparing documents, listening to music and such, a basic laptop having low end specifications is enough to fulfill your needs. If you want to do the above and also want the joy of playing the latest games and watching High Definition movies, a gaming laptop or a laptop with high end specs is required.

Keep your requirements in your mind and then check them with the specs of the available laptops to cut short the list of potential buys.


Operating System

The OS is one of the main components of a computer. If one wants to go with the stream and if they do not care about software security and malware protection so much, a Windows based laptop should be their choice. However, if one wants features as well as security, OS’s like Linux, Mac should be considered best. This does not mean that Windows specific laptops lack security, it’s just that they require a little more from you to work well.

But all in all, almost all OS’s perform functions and tasks awesomely, just check your requirements and get on with the next factor on the list.

Form Factor

An Outdoor person who moves around with their laptop too much cannot afford to carry a bulky laptop with them. They require a thin, light laptop for their outdoor adventures. However, as Ultrabooks and thin laptops are relatively more expensive than bulkier ones, an indoor person can well prefer the bulky one as they need not care about the size and weight too much.

Laptops come in many different form factors depending on their specs and cost. Make sure to buy one which suits your needs.


The most sensitive aspect of a laptop, its price is the most influential factor during a laptop purchase. Want high end Specs? Then be ready to pay a high end price. Although, these days, chipsets having the same clock speeds as high end chips are available at low costs. Sometimes, you can get your hand on a high end, low cost laptop too.

Internal Memory

People who want to store mountains of data on their laptops yet don’t like to use external storage devices usually opt for laptops having a minimum of 1 TB hard disk capacity. This is not a compulsion though, as external hard disks can be purchased at extremely low costs with just the minus point of having to connect it to the computer instead of the data readily being on the computer.

And the all important…

Do you really need to purchase a brand new laptop?

While paying a premium price for first hand laptops, people usually do not consider the fact that the same laptop could be purchased for a fraction of the original price as a refurbished device. There are innumerous re-commerce companies on the planet like ReGlobe which sell refurbished electronics at highly reasonable prices.


There’s not much to lose in this. You will get awesome deals from such websites or stores. Super high end devices can be bought for very low costs.


All in all, it is just a matter of choice and budget to determine the laptop of ones choice, yet, requirements too play a major role in this in order to let the user to use the laptop to their hearts content.



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