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Cashify is an online Assured Sale platform from where you can sell your old or used gadgets like Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, LED’s, LCD’s Television and many more to come.

The Cashify App come with multiple features like Anti-theft, Phone Booster, Data Transfer, Repair Services which helps you maintain phones life for a longer time.

Cashify Assured Sale or Buyback: Once you get a price for your gadget on our website, we assure its sale within 2 working days. The price is valid for 3 days.

We buy gadgets which you bought outside India but we don’t consider it in warranty even if you have a
valid bill with it. This is because most gadgets bought outside India have warranty valid in the country of
origin and not in India. Also we don’t buy locked phone or CDMA phones.

When you buy a gadget and sell it in few days, please don’t expect high price for it because it falls under the category of ‘used’. You may be better off selling it to a friend. For a professional buyer the product has already lost 25- 50% of its value when you bought it.

If you have generated a quote for our gadget on our website then you just need to click on ‘Cashify Now’ and fill the form regarding your contact details and we will soon contact you for the same. We usually do pick up as per slot decided by you. If any point of time you need to change pick schedule , Please contact customer support.

We along with our partners refurbish these gadgets so that they get an extended life. By extending life not only we promote reuse but also make it economical for lot of people to by high value gadgets. For the ones which are broken or non repairable we use them for parts. After all this the left over sent to our recycling partners for recycling.

We at Cashify have mission to help people sell their old gadgets easily and as fast as possible. So to achieve this goal we work with a network of professional buyers in various cities who buy these gadgets via us on our terms and conditions. For you the process and the price remains the same. All our partners are trained to deliver the same level high quality of service.

NO. We need to establish proof that you are legal owner of the product you are selling. Hence this is necessary to keep stolen good out of Cashify environment. To make sure that your id proof is not misused, please cross it and write details of item being sold on it.

Can’t find your model here? Please drop us a mail at with the Brand, Model, Configuration and condition and we will get back to you asap with the quote

As per warranty condition, a gadget is considered out of warranty if its physically damaged/screen broken. Hence this kind of gadget/phone will be considered out of warranty.

We advise you to clean all your data from your gadget. While we take steps to ensure we fully erase and reformat each and every gadget but it will be still advisable to erase all data yourself. You can also ask the help of our representative to do the same during the pick up.

This features is also available on Cashify App which will help to erase all data on your phones.

Click on this link to read guides on how clean up data on phones

Nope! It is absolutely free!

Nope! From start to finish, Cashify’s Assures sale or buyback service is completely free to use.

We give you a guaranteed/assured buy-back price, transparency and ease of transaction. Your personal information is not released online and saves you from numerous useless buyer calls and hassle. We give you a one-stop platform to sell your old gadgets from the comfort of your home.

In such a condition we will consider your product to be more than a year old and price the gadget accordingly as we will not be able to claim the warranty if required without the original invoice. Also we only accept Indian invoice only. All item with Non Indian invoice will be considered out of warranty only.

In case your gadget is under warranty from the company then you need to provide us the original invoice. Apart from that, you need to give us a copy of your ID proof / or allow picture to be taken on Cashify Partner app which our representative will provide you.

In such a condition our representative will re-quote you the price according to the actual condition or details of gadget. If you agree with the new quote, we will pay you the re-quoted amount. If you don’t agree with the new quote then there is no charge and you can keep your gadget.

It means our service engineer or our representative will come to your doorstep to physically evaluate your gadget’s condition and match it to the conditions you mentioned while generating the quote. If the conditions of your device matches to the description provided, he/she will pay you in Cash Instantly at that moment itself.  We also have introduced new methods of payment like bank transfer or wallets. Here also payment is instant. On completion of transaction you will receive an otp, as soon as the otp is given to our representative, instant online payment will be made to your chosen payment mode.

Log on to or download the Cashify on Apple and Android phones. Then search your gadget where we would ask you a few basic questions relating to the condition of your gadget and our online calculator will automatically generate the price at which we will assure the sale of your gadget. If you agree to sell, schedule a pick up by entering your coordinates and our representative will come to pick up your gadget as per your date/time selected and pay you Instant Cash from your home/office.

Please note that we don’t do transaction from Hotels/Guesthouse, Hospitals etc. We do picks up only from home or office location.

You can contact our support team or write in to us and we will schedule a pick up again. In this case we will not charge anything if its in the warranty period.

Cashify Repair is providing you professional repair partner in your city. Place a service request through the Repairs section. Select issue and we will provide you price and vendors to choose from. We visit you, pick your mobile device, diagnose it, fix it and deliver it – making the process completely hassle free for you. All our repair come with minimum one month warranty (even more depending vendor )

While our partners take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile/tablet might entail formatting of device and the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Please take appropriate data backup before submitting your device.

We provide Minimum 1 month ( Maybe more depending on Vendor) of warranty on each gadget repaired by Cashify.

Please not that the warranty is for the part repaired or replaced. For example if the speaker of the phone is replaced than the warranty is for speaker only and not for other parts.

This amount is charged for providing the diagnostic of the gadget. IF for some reason you choose not go ahead for repair or after diagnostic its found that the phone is not repairable then the device will be returned to you and  Rs. 299/- will not be refunded.

For Pre-Paid Customer there is no upfront charge. If for some reason you decide not to go ahead for repair after pick up of item, then paid amount will be refunded by deducting Rs. 299/-*

*Please be assured that INR 299 is inclusive of the final quote.

You can pay Cash or online via Netbanking, Debit/Credit Card or wallet.

Cashify has curated a list of professional Repair partner who use quality spares and trained technician who carry out repairs. We will also give you home pickup and delivery, repair invoice along with warranty of minimum 1 month (Maybe even more depending on model and vendor).

Cashify gives two days repair service for touch & LCD replacement select devices. For the actual time of repair for your device please talk to our representative.

Cashify charges Rs. 299/- for diagnosis which is non -refundable. This is collected at the time of phone pickup if its a Cash order.The price you see on the website is inclusive of this service charge and this gets adjusted in the final invoice. In case of any additional charges, customer would be intimated before mobile servicing is begun.

*Please be assured that INR 299 is inclusive of the final quote.

You can make the cashify app invisible by the help of a setting named Camouflage on the web portal.

This feature will still work even if the sim is changed. The only requirement would be of Internet service being activated

Login to via this link /antitheft and you can perform the accurate actions to locate your phone

GPS should necessarily be ON – map permission to the app should also be provided

First login to Cashify website from this link /antitheft

There are two ways to send remote commands to your lost device :

  • By using the Anti-Theft website you can send a text message (SMS) to your lost device from another device
  • Also you can raise an alarm instantly

You can deactivate the service on app by following the steps mentioned below:

Homepage>Cashify settings>verify security questions>Detach Device>Confirm the pop up with yes>Current device status will automatically convert into: Not Protected

We will not be assisting the customers regarding any legal procedures.

You have to again install the app on your phone and activate the Anti-Theft service again.

This service will be activated on your phone till the time you do not uninstall the app, preventing you from any gadget loss.

Cashify Anti-Theft service is provided Free of cost in Cashify App.

We provide the following functions:-
• Alarm: with the help of this feature you can raise an alarm with the help of the web to your phone. You can choose the type of alarm type accordingly.
• Send message: You can send a text message via web to the phone and it will display on the screen of the phone.
• Lock & Unlock: If your phone is stolen then you can lock/unlock the phone as per your convenience. You can also change/reset the password of the phone.
• Phone wipe (SD Card): you can delete the phone data. Reset- phone re-boot & SD card data
• App Icon (Hide, unhide): you can hide the cashify
• Location Track- GPS feature : Track your phone on Map via the Cashify Website

First go on Google Playstore and Download the “Cashify” App. Or use following link to do so


Click on Cashify app>Panel/drawer>Anti-Theft>Activate protection tab>Click activate>answer security questions>agree to the terms and conditions>E-mail will be delivered over the registered id with the web link>current device status will change to Protected.

Anti-Theft is a service provided by Cashify wherein, one can track their lost phone via Cashify web portal. Once you have downloaded our app, you have to activate it in your profile. Other features include remotely raising alarm, data wipe, send message and lock phone.

Transferring contacts and personal data from your old phone to a new one used to be a cumbersome ordeal. These days, it’s a much simpler process and with Cashify Data Transfer, you don’t even need cables or wires to copy your data.

On Android phones, just having a Google account takes care of your contacts, bookmarks, apps, and more. However, it won’t help you copy old SMS/MMS messages, pictures, music, and other files. For people who are switching phones, there’s an easy way to get those files over to your new device. Cashify app lets you wirelessly transfer data from your old device to your new device. You don’t need internet/data, Bluetooth, usb for this also.

You can go to the Cashify app>menu>click on data transfer

Step 1: Install the Cashify app on both of your devices. If you are selling your old device thru Cashify then the app is already there in your old device.

Step 2: Position the two devices within 50 cm of each other, then launch the app on both devices. Tap on the data transfer button on both of them to initiate the connection.

Step 3: Make the old device as the “Sender” and the new Device as “Receiver”

Step 4: On your Receiver device, you’ll be prompted to accept the transfer.

Tap OK to continue.

Step 5: On your Receiver device, select the kind of data you want to transfer – SMS, Calender, Contacts, Pictures, Music, Videos, Apps.

Step 6: The app will show progress as you complete transfer

That’s it. When the transfer completes, tap on the Done button to exit.

Data transfer does not need internet or data for its function.

As tried and tested from our team, this feature is compatible with all devices. However, if still exception comes you can write in to us at

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