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1. What is Cashify?

Cashify is an Online Assured-Sale platform where you can sell your old/ used gadgets like Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, LED’s, LCD’s and much more for real money.

Cashify App also hosts other features like Anti-theft, Phone Booster, Data Transfer and Repairing Request Services that help maintain your devices for a longer time.


2. What is Cashify Assured sale or Buyback?

Once we quote a price for your gadget on our website or app, Cashify assures its sale within 2 working days. The price is valid for 3 days.


3. How do I Schedule pick up of my old gadget?

If you have generated a quote for your gadget on our website, then you just need to click on ‘Cashify Now’. Then, fill in your contact details and Cashify will soon get in touch with you for the same.

We usually conduct pickups as per the time slot decided by you. If at any point of time you need to change pick schedule, then please feel free to contact customer support.


4. What do you do with the old gadgets?

We refurbish these used gadgets in association with our partners for an extended life. By doing so, we not only promote reuse but also make it economical for many others to buy high-value gadgets.

The ones who are damaged beyond recovery, we use them for their parts. After all this, the leftovers are sent to our recycling partners.


5. Do you buy the devices for yourself or do you have partners?

At Cashify we have a mission to help people sell their old gadgets swiftly within 48 hours. In order to achieve this goal, we work with a network of professional buyers across multiple cities who intend to buy used gadgets as per our terms and conditions.

Thanks to Cashify’s smart algorithm, the process and pricing remain uniform for our customers. While we ensure that a high-quality of experience is delivered to everyone, through a chain of our trained partners.


6. Can I sell my gadget without providing any ID proof? I don’t feel like sharing the copy of my documents.

Sorry, but we need to establish a proof that you are the legal owner of the product when selling, in order to keep stolen goods out of the Cashify ecosystem. So, providing identification details remains an absolute compulsion.

To ensure that your id proof is not misused, you may simply cross it and write details of the item being sold against it.


7. If my model is not available on Cashify, how do I sell it?

Can’t find your phone’s model on Cashify? Please drop us a mail at support@cashify.in with details about the Brand, Model, Configuration & Condition, and we will get back to you ASAP with the quote.


8. My phone has Broken/ Damaged Screen but it’s still less than 12 months old. Why will it be not considered under warranty?

As per warranty conditions, a gadget is considered out of warranty if it’s physically damaged or has broken screen. Hence this kind of device/ phone is not considered to be under warranty.


9. I have sensitive information stored in my gadget. How can I erase it?

While we take all the possible steps from our end to ensure that every device that we receive is fully formatted, it is still advised that customers should clear old data before handing it over at the time of sale.

You can run ‘Restore Factory Settings’ on your phone or just use the Cashify App to wipe clean every piece of data that could be present in your device. You may also ask our representative to assist you with data cleaning at the time of pick up.

Click on this link to read guides on how to clean up data on phones.


10. Do you charge something for picking up my gadget?

No, it is absolutely free!


11. Does Cashify Assured Sale Service charge me something?

Nope! From start to finish, Cashify’s Assures sale or buyback service is completely free to use and can be tracked at all time via Cashify app or website.


12. How are you different from classified sites like Quikr or OLX ?

While other re-selling websites require you to contact & bargain with buyers, we cut this hassle entirely by directly quoting a price and delivering the service at your doorstep. All this within 48 hours of accepting our offer through Cashify app or website.

On top of it, your contact details never get sold/ leaked to third parties for advertising purposes, as you can see in most of the other cases.


14. What if my gadget is under warranty and I have lost the invoice?

In order to claim any warranty the buyer always needs to have the invoice on them. However, in case of lost invoice the device will be considered to be more than a year old and the price shall be quoted accordingly.

Also, we only accept Indian invoices for warranty purposes. All items with Non-Indian invoice will be considered out of warranty.


15. Do I need to give the original invoice also?

Devices with company warranty will fetch you better prices. So, if you claim your device to be under warranty, then we would require the original invoice to be submitted at the time of sale.

Apart from that, we will also be requiring a copy of your ID proof or a photo of your id that will be taken by our representative on Cashify Partner app.

16. What if during pick up the condition of the gadget don’t match to the one I provided on Cashify?

Under such circumstances, our representative will present you a fresh quote as per the actual condition of the gadget. If you agree, then we will pay you the re-quoted amount on the spot. You may also choose to discontinue our service if the re-quoted value is not up to your mark, without any risk of paying.


17. What do you mean by Instant Cash?

It means our service engineer or our representative will come to your doorstep for physically evaluating the gadget’s condition and match it to the conditions you mentioned while generating the quote.

If the conditions of your device match with the provided description, our representative will pay you in Cash at that very instant. Besides cash, we also support online payment gateways like bank transfer and wallets.

Once you’ve transacted the device, we will forward you an OTP. Just share it with our representative, who will confirm the exchange and implement instant pay as per the payment method of your choice.


18. How do I sell my gadget via Cashify?

Log on to www.cashify.in or download the Cashify app on your iOs or Android device. Our ultra-smart app detects the model of your phone and even runs calibration tests for quality check.

In case your device doesn’t get detected, you can search it through our on-page filter and mention its condition in required fields. Our automated system will quote a price for your device, which you shall receive at the time of pickup.

If you agree to sell, then please schedule a time slot that best suits you.

One of our representatives will visit your home/ office address for the pickup at the set date/ time and pay you instantly.

Please note that we don’t do any transactions from Hotels/ Guesthouse/ Hospitals etc. We do pick up only from home & office locations only.


19. I bought a phone from the USA and now want to sell it. Will you buy it and do you buy locked phones?

We buy gadgets which you bought outside India but we don’t consider it in warranty even if you have a valid bill with it. This is because most gadgets bought outside India have warranty valid in the country of origin and not in India. Also, we don’t buy locked phone or CDMA phones.


20. I bought a new phone for Rs. 25,000/- ten days ago. I am expecting Rs. 24,000/- for it but Cashify is giving very low value for it?

When you buy a gadget and sell it in few days, please don’t expect an ‘almost original’ price for it, as the device now falls under the category of ‘used’. You may be better off selling it to a friend. For a professional buyer, the product has already lost 25- 50% of its value when you bought it.


21. What is Cashify repair?

Cashify repair provides you a doorstep professional service to fix your device for any damages. Simply, request the service under our Repair section, mark the issue and select the preferred time for device pickup.

Our representative will visit you, pickup your smartphone, diagnose, fix and then deliver it back. Thus making the repair process hassle free, while backing up our service with minimum One month Cashify Warranty, depending on the phone’s condition.


22. What if my gadget faces same issues as it was before the repair?

You can contact our support team or write to us, and we will schedule a pick up again. In this case we will not charge anything if it’s in the Cashify Warranty period.


23. What about the Data in my phone?

While our partners take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile/tablet might entail formatting of device, in which case the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Please arrange appropriate data backup before submitting your device.


24. Will I get a warranty on the repair?

We provide Minimum 1 month (maybe more depending on Vendor) of warranty on each gadget repaired by Cashify.

Please note that the warranty is valid only for the parts repaired or replaced. For example if the speaker of the phone is replaced than the warranty is for speaker only and not for other parts.


25. Why do you take Rs. 299 upfront fee for Repair transaction in Cash mode?

This amount is charged for providing diagnostics of the gadget. If for some reason you choose not to go ahead with the repair or after diagnostic it’s found that the phone is not repairable then the device will be returned to you and  Rs. 299/- will not be refunded.

For Pre-Paid Customer there is no upfront charge. If for some reason you decide not to go ahead for repair after pickup of item, then paid amount will be refunded by deducting Rs. 299/-*

*Please be assured that INR 299 is inclusive of the final quote.


26. How do I Pay for Cashify Repair?

You can pay Cash or online via Netbanking, Debit/Credit Card & e-wallet.


27. Why do I choose Cashify to repair my phone over local vendor?

Unlike local vendors, Cashify has curated a list of professional Repair partners who use quality spares and trained technicians to attend your repairing needs.

On top of it, we also provide you with home pickup & delivery, along with genuine repair invoice that covers your device with minimum 1 month or more of Cashify Warranty (Maybe even more depending on model and vendor).


28. How many days it will take to get it repaired?

It takes us two days to repair/ service touch & LCD issues on selected devices. The actual time of repair varies with your device and the nature of damage, which you can confirm by connecting with to our representatives.


29. How much does Cashify charge for its repair services?

Cashify charges a non -refundable amount of Rs. 299/- for running diagnostics on your device. This amount is collected at the time of phone pickup, if it’s a Cash payment order.

The price you see on the website is inclusive of this servicing charge and gets adjusted in the final invoice. In case of any additional charges, customer would be intimated before the mobile servicing begins.

*Please be assured that INR 299 is inclusive of the final quote.


30. Can I rename Cashify app or will it still be visible to the person who has received my phone?

You can make the cashify app invisible with the help of a setting named ‘Camouflage’ on the web portal.


31. Will I be able to locate my phone with Cashify app if the phone’s sim is changed?

This feature will work even if the sim gets changed. The only requirement would be of Internet service being activated.


32. How do I get to remotely control my lost device with Anti-Theft service?

Login to Cashify via these links for  Android or iOs devices, answer the security questions and you can perform the accurate actions to locate, lock or wipe data from your phone.


33. What is Cashify Anti-Theft service?

Anti-Theft is a service provided by Cashify wherein, one can track their lost phone via Cashify web portal. Once you have downloaded our app, you are only needed to activate it in your profile. Other features include remotely raising alarm, data wipe, send message and lock phone.


34. What all features does the Cashify Anti-Theft app offers?

Cashify’s Anti-Theft feature comes with the following functionalities:

  • Alarm:

Use this feature to raise an alarm on your phone via Internet access. The alarm lets you detect the phone if it’s nearby or warn people next to the potential thief of the suspect. You even get to choose the alarm type.

  • Send Message:

Lets you communicate with the bearer of the phone by sending a text message. This option can be widely used to persuade the other person with rewards or consequences, as per the scenario.

  • Lock & Unlock:

If the phone gets stolen then you can lock/unlock the phone as per your convenience. You can also change/reset the password of the phone.

  • Phone Wipe (including SD Card):

Use it to delete the phone data, reset phone, re-boot & wipe SD card data

  • App Icon (Hide, Unhide):

You can hide the cashify app icon with this option to avoid unwanted installation of the app by the intruder. Thus ensuring a constant tracking of the device.

  • Track Location with GPS feature:

Get a real-time location of your phone on Map via the Cashify Website.


35. How do I download and activate Cashify Anti-Theft service?

Please visit the Google Playstore or iTunes for downloading the “Cashify” App. Or use following link to do so.


Click on Cashify app>Panel/drawer>Anti-Theft>Activate protection tab>Click activate>answer security questions>agree to the terms and conditions>E-mail will be delivered over the registered id with the web link>current device status will change to Protected.


36. Can I track my phone’s location and how?

Any smartphone with that has Cashify app installed on it can be remotely tracked by using the Anti-theft option.

Sign up with the Cashify app, visit anti-theft section and fill in answers to the security questions. Agree to the terms & conditions for using the app and click on next. Congratulations now your device will display a ‘Protected’ Status.

In case you ever wish to track the phone’s location, simply visit the Cashify website, answer the security question and activate the tracking feature to get real-time updates.


37. What are the system requirements for using the Anti-Theft?

In order for Cashify app to work as Anti-Theft measure, the device’s GPS should necessarily be ON and the map permission to app should also be provided.


38. What will be the validity of the Cashify Anti-theft services?

This service will be activated on your phone till the time you do not uninstall the app, thus preventing gadget loss due to theft.


39. Do I have to pay for any of these services which are part of Cashify Anti- Theft?

Cashify Anti-Theft service is provided Free of cost under Cashify App, which can be downloaded on both iOs and Android devices.


40. Will Cashify also help me with the legal parts of device recovery under its Anti-theft services?

Our assistance is only limited to the applications of the app, which does not include providing assistance to the customers regarding any legal procedures.


41. What happens if I accidentally delete the Cashify app from my phone?

In that case, you will have to re-install the app on your phone and activate the Anti-Theft service again.


42. How do I uninstall it from my phone?

You can deactivate the service on app by following the steps mentioned below:

Homepage>Cashify settings>verify security questions>Detach Device>Confirm the pop up with yes.

The current device status will automatically convert into: Not Protected


43. How does Cashify ‘Data Transfer’ service works?

Transferring contacts and personal data from your old phone to a new one used to be a cumbersome ordeal. These days, it’s a much simpler process and with Cashify Data Transfer, you don’t even need cables or another app to copy your data.

On Android phones, just having a Google account takes care of your contacts, bookmarks, apps, and more. However, that doesn’t work with copying old SMS/MMS messages, pictures, music, and other files.

For people who are switching phones, there’s an easier way to transfer those files to your new device. Cashify app lets you wirelessly transfer data without Internet data, Bluetooth, or USB for this.


44. How can I Transfer Data using Cashify app?

Step 1: Install the Cashify app on both your old & new devices. If you are selling your old device thru Cashify then the app is already there in your old device.

Step 2: Position the two devices within 50 cm of each other, then launch the app on both devices. Tap on the data transfer button on both of them to initiate the connection.

Step 3: Make the old device as the “Sender” and the new Device as “Receiver”

Step 4: On the Receiving device, you’ll be prompted to accept the transfer. Tap OK to continue.

Step 5: On your Receiving device, select the kind of data you want to transfer – SMS, Calender, Contacts, Pictures, Music, Videos, Apps.

Step 6: The app will show progress as you complete transfer

That’s it. When the transfer completes, tap on the Done button to exit.


45. Do I need internet to use Cashify data transfer?

Data transfer does not need internet or data for this function.


46. Where do I locate the Data Transfer feature on Cashify app?

You can go to the Cashify app>menu>click on data transfer, and gain insight on the data transfer activity so far.


47. Is it possible that my phone does not work with this application or the data does not gets transferred? Whom do I contact if I face any issue while using Data Transfer?

As tried and tested from our team, this feature is compatible with all devices. However, if you’re met with any exception you can write to us at support@cashify.in