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Data Privacy

1. I have sensitive information stored in my gadget. How can I erase it?

While we take all the possible steps from our end to ensure that every device that we receive is fully formatted, it is still advised that customers should clear old data before handing it over at the time of sale.

You can run ‘Restore Factory Settings’ on your phone or just use the Cashify App to wipe clean every piece of data that could be present in your device. You may also ask our representative to assist you with data cleaning at the time of pick up.

Click on this link to read guides on how to clean up data on phones.

2. What about the Data in my phone?

While our partners take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile/tablet might entail formatting of device, in which case the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Please arrange appropriate data backup before submitting your device.

3. How does Cashify ‘Data Transfer’ service works?

Transferring contacts and personal data from your old phone to a new one used to be a cumbersome ordeal. These days, it’s a much simpler process and with Cashify Data Transfer, you don’t even need cables or another app to copy your data.

On Android phones, just having a Google account takes care of your contacts, bookmarks, apps, and more. However, that doesn’t work with copying old SMS/MMS messages, pictures, music, and other files.

For people who are switching phones, there’s an easier way to transfer those files to your new device. Cashify app lets you wirelessly transfer data without Internet data, Bluetooth, or USB for this.

4. How can I Transfer Data using Cashify app?

Step 1: Install the Cashify app on both your old & new devices. If you are selling your old device thru Cashify then the app is already there in your old device.

Step 2: Position the two devices within 50 cm of each other, then launch the app on both devices. Tap on the data transfer button on both of them to initiate the connection.

Step 3: Make the old device as the “Sender” and the new Device as “Receiver”

Step 4: On the Receiving device, you’ll be prompted to accept the transfer. Tap OK to continue.

Step 5: On your Receiving device, select the kind of data you want to transfer – SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Pictures, Music, Videos, Apps.

Step 6: The app will show progress as you complete transfer

That’s it. When the transfer completes, tap on the Done button to exit.

5. Do I need the internet to use Cashify data transfer?

Data transfer does not need internet or data for this function.

6. Where do I locate the Data Transfer feature on the Cashify app?

You can go to the Cashify app>menu>click on data transfer, and gain insight on the data transfer activity so far.

7. Is it possible that my phone does not work with this application or the data does not gets transferred? Whom do I contact if I face any issue while using Data Transfer?

As tried and tested from our team, this feature is compatible with all devices. However, if you’re met with any exception you can write to us at support@cashify.in

8. Can I rename Cashify app or will it still be visible to the person who has received my phone?

You can make the cashify app invisible with the help of a setting named ‘Camouflage’ on the web portal.

9. What happens if I accidentally delete the Cashify app from my phone?

In that case, you will have to re-install the app on your phone and activate the Anti-Theft service again.