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How to find the model of your old iPhone?


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Want to sell your old iPhone and buy the latest version? Do you know the exact model number of your phone? Reglobe calculates your old iPhone’s worth based on the model number, storage capacity and physical condition. There is always a huge confusion between iPhone 4 and 4S as they look very similar and hence it is important to know the exact model before your try to sell your iPhone online.

In order to find the model number, go to Settings – General – About. The model number of your iPhone would be listed there. You would also get the capacity of your phone. Generally the capacity shown is a few GB lower than the actual capacity to take into account the space used by the operating system.

Following is the list of iPhones based on the model numbers:

  • Model A1429 (released in September 2012) – This is the iPhone 5. It has a thinner body as compared to iPhone 4 and 4S. It also has an aluminum back replacing the glass back in iPhone 4S and 4.
  • Model A1387 (released in October 2011) – This is iPhone 4S. The look and design is same as iPhone 4 but has an extra feature called Siri.
  • Model A1332 (released June 2010) – This is iPhone 4. It has a marked difference in terms of look and feel from the iPhone 3GS. The design has flat glass with Steel body which is more linear than curvy as against iPhone 3GS.
  • Model A1303/A1325 (released in June 2009) – It has a curvy plastic body and is one of the oldest iPhones in the second hand market. Models older than this have no re-sale value currently.

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