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First Impressions: What your smartphone says about you



Imagine going through one full day without your smartphone. You wouldn’t know how late you’re running, would not be able to sync plans with colleagues and friends, no online wallet to pay for your food and no one helping you with directions when you’re lost. Sounds like a tedious and irksome job? Smartphones have penetrated our lives to the very extent where it’s almost an embodiment of character and daily lives. While a studied glance through our mobile could reveal very important and critical details about us, like where we work, when we wake up, and the most important people in our lives, a seconds glance at the phone itself can also reveal more about your personality than you’d like to.


On December 1st, 2016, David A Ellis from the Lancaster University, United Kingdom along with Fenja Ziegler from the University of Lincoln, UK published a paper titled    ‘Predicting Smartphone Operating System from Personality and Individual Differences’. Despite all phones being largely similar in functionality, the design, looks, size and brand of your mobile reveals clues about how we are. The biggest deal breaker here would be on your choice of brand, to discover a little about your personality.


Discovering more about you based on your choice of mobile phone brand

The rich kid of all mobile phone brands – the iPhone, has always been classified as a separate entity as opposed to it’s other android counterparts, and for a very good reason. Studies have found out that iPhone users are less likely to be honest or humble, because they come from monetarily higher end backgrounds with a focus on status and appearance. They are also twice as likely to be women.

Android users on the other hand have higher levels of openness, honesty, humility and are more areeable, however they are also a lot more introverted as compared to iPhone users. Android users prefer the company of themselves and make sure they do not have products similar to others.


An infograph on popular mobile brands

Based on design, looks and display

In a world full of judgement on first sight, it’s not uncommon for friends, interviewers and colleagues to judge you based on one look at your mobile. A lot of questions are raised as to whether professionals should keep up with the latest technology, choose an optimum size, platform etc because it creates an irrevertable first impression on your employers and can make quite a difference.

A cracked screen or a non-functional microphone/speaker can show lethargy or apathy from your end and may be a deal-breaker for some employers.


An old phone shows that you are very comfortable in your own space and not open to new experiences or objects. You can also be labelled as ‘thrifty’ or ‘not comfortable with technology’ in general.

A large display screen could mean two things, either you’re a narcissist, or, you use your device for a lot of official work as well and hence the large screen to keep up with your work anywhere and everywhere. A small display on the other hand speaks of a person who isn’t too attached to their mobile phones.


Based on cases and colours


The appearance of your mobile is the first thing based on which most people will judge you. This is the outermost envelope of your mobile and speaks volumes about your general personality. A Person without a mobile case is often considered confident and independent with no regards whatsoever about others’ unsolicited advice. Now once you’ve used that mobile case, you’re a more careful and cautious person. A Black case indicates that you’re a responsible person who takes his work seriously, but you’re also slightly unapproachable. A Coloured case on the other hand, shows that you’re open to change and other experiences. Neon coloured cases are always preferred by college goers and people who play sports. Hence you may be forgoing a lot more information than you think you are!

It’s becoming clearer with every passing day that our mobiles are indeed a mini digital version of ourselves. Let’s just hope this digital age does not engulf us completely.



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