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Force touch feature coming for Galaxy Note 8

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The Galaxy Note 8 has been the centre of intense rumours and speculations. Leaks after leaks and renders after renders have been emerging with lot of design features and specifications being revealed day by day.

Force Touch

On 11 August another full blown report has emerged across a report from Korean Media The Investor (citing ET News) that claims the new Note will come with a feature we’re somewhat familiar with.

According to the rumor, the Galaxy Note 8 may boast force touch, also known as 3D touch, capabilities. This is the technology that can detect the amount of pressure that is applied to a touchscreen, allowing the device to perform different actions depending on how hard the user presses. The classic example of this is using force touch to zoom into a specific part of an image, with the level of pressure determining how far you zoom in.

The feature was first introduced by Apple in 2014 alongside the Apple Watch. A revamped version of it, called 3D Touch, was later added to the iPhone 6S and all Apple handsets since, except for the iPhone SE. The iPhone 6S, 7 and 7 Plus have successfully been using the feature for a long time now.

Virtual Home Button

The latest report puts claims that, Samsung is in the process to employ similar technology to the Galaxy Note 8’s virtual home button. This would allow it to either function as a regular home button or open a shortcuts menu, depending on the force applied.

However, this is all just speculation and nothing has been confirmed as of now.