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How does the future look like for Smartwatches?


The smartwatch is an interesting device. From health tracking to communication, it offers nearly every feature a smartphone would. Humans have been wearing timepieces for centuries, so it makes perfect sense to package the latest mobile technology into this convenient form factor. Smartwatches have been touted as the next generation of devices set to transform consumer lives.

Samsung, LG, Sony were the first ones to induce smartwatches in the market. Later, Apple too jumped in and not surprisingly, became the leading producer. Fossil, Movado and Guess opted to jump on to the Android Wear OS project as well. Consumers are now beginning to see the value of wearing a mini computer on their wrist.


In the next few years, smartwatches will likely see the addition of more efficient power management, and increased capabilities. Battery life is a hurdle which affects most smartwatches. Companies are looking forward for alternative methods of charging using solar energy to ensure better longevity. Soon, watches will be water resistant, dust resistant and equipped with gorilla glass for scratch resistance. Device providers will give people more ways to use smart watches without needing smartphones. This includes payments, voice interaction with VPAs (enabled wireless speakers) and authentication. Artificial Intelligence in smartwatches may be able to identify health issues sooner.


Apple is working on evaluating how our bodies respond to exercise in different types of environments, including extreme temperatures and different elevations. The next version of Apple watch will also include a FaceTime video camera built into the device. Developers are promising an advanced feedback system so precise that can be used for navigation.

A true revolution is poised to begin. Now if only they’d become more affordable.