ABOUT SAMSUNG BUYBACK SERVICE

What is Buyback program?

Samsung Buyback Service is a program that gets you the best price for your existing smartphone from a dealer in your neighborhood. You can exchange your phone and move to the latest Samsung smartphone of your choice. This program is powered by Cashify.

What is Cashify?

Cashify is a reverse commerce marketplace where People can sell their old electronic devices for an assured selling price based on prevailing second hand market prices.
Cashify enables the users to diagnose their old/used smartphone automatically and obtain an assured selling price for that device. Cashify runs a diagnosis on the smartphone device and checks the functional health of the phone and request user input on the physical condition in order to arrive at an assured selling price based on the second hand market value. Cashify is a copyright of Manak Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. And is the proud partner to Samsung for their buyback program available through the My Galaxy app.

How do I get a buyback value for my phone?

The first step in the buyback process is to install the Samsung My Galaxy App on the device you wish to sell and tap on the starting screen to begin the evaluation process.

The app will diagnose the functional condition of your phone automatically; you will need to provide some permissions, respond to certain prompts or questions and provide certain inputs during the process.

At the end of the evaluation you will receive a summary. If you are satisfied with the evaluation results you can click on the “Submit” Button and you will be presented with an assured buyback value of your device or buyback offers from nearby Samsung Stores.

Will Cashify’s services cost me anything?

No! From picking up your call to delivering instant cash at your doorstep, Cashify’s services are undoubtedly free to use.

How will I receive buyback amount?

The dealer will either discount it from your new purchase or pay you cash for your device.

What if the details of the phone do not match during direct pickup with what I mentioned during the evaluation?

In such a scenario, the Samsung dealer will re-quote the price according to the actual condition of the phone. In case you agree to accept the new price, the dealer will offer you the buyback service. If you don’t agree with the new price quote, then there will be no service charges and you can keep your phone.

In a condition wherein the price is re-quoted and I don’t agree to it, will there be any visit charges?

Once again, No! Our services are cent percent free during the entire process.

In what cities is the buyback service available?

Currently the service is available in Ahmedabad, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. We will be offering the service in other cities soon.

Do I need to furnish the original bill too?

In case your phone is under warranty from the company then you need to provide us the original bill. Apart from that, you will have to provide a copy of your ID proof and sign an Indemnity Bond.

What if my phone is under warranty and I have lost the bill?

In such a condition we will consider your product to be more than a year old and price the phone accordingly. This is done as we will not be able to claim the warranty (if required) without the bill

What if my phone is under warranty and I have lost the bill?

In such a condition we will consider your product to be more than a year old and price the phone accordingly. This is done as we will not be able to claim the warranty (if required) without the bill.

Why do you need copy of my id proof for selling my phone?

This is a legal requirement as we need to file a proof of ownership of each and every old phone that we buy. This also prevents selling of stolen goods. The indemnity bond which you sign simply states that you are the owner of the phone which you are selling.

I can’t find the buyback service on my Mobile. What can I do?

Currently, we might not be accepting a few models. However, you can still drop a mail to us at support@cashify.in and we will surely figure out a way to assist you in selling your phone.

I have sensitive information stored on my phone. Should I erase it myself?

It is strictly advisable that you clean all your data from your phone. Although we initiate steps towards ensuring that all the data is fully erased and reformat every phone, it is still advisable indeed to erase all data yourself. You can also ask the store representative for help regarding the same during purchase on new device.

My phone’s screen is broken/ physically damaged but is less than 12 months old. Will it be considered under warranty?

As per the warranty condition, a phone is considered out of warranty if it is physically damaged/ screen is broken. Hence these kind of phones will be considered out of warranty.

Do I need to include all the power cables/Accessories/Bills/Box etc?

If you have them, then yes! If you don’t have the respective accessories, then make sure you check the box while filling up details on the app.                                                                              


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      In case you face any issue then you can reach our expert team at 9555-657-657 and we will be glad to assist you.


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