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Is the Galaxy S6 Edge worth an Upgrade?

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-edge worth replacing

Since the last few years, Samsung has struggled to maintain world domination in the smartphone market by stiff competition from the likes of HTC and Apple. Both the latter manufacturers used cutting-edge specifications enclosed in premium hardware and so became favorites among tech savvies. Samsung, on the other hand incorporated plastic materials for their smartphones and were met with immense criticism for the same. After a long run with polycarbonate materials and, well, perpetual failure, this year, Samsung finally decided to bid farewell to plastic and say hello to premium stuff… metal and glass.


At the MWC this year, Samsung launched their newest additions to their flagship Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Both these flagships have metal unibodies and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and the back, finally ditching the cheap plastic. This single move by Samsung is enough to create the wow factor among techies.

Both these phones are marvelous to look at but the Edge is on a completely different level.

Why? The screen on this baby is curved on both sides.


Inspired by the Note Edge launched in Q3 2014, which had a curve on its right, this extends it towards the left as well. Looking from a perspective, this phone will look to you like a branded expensive sports car.

However, the curves are not just for aesthetic appeal. They have a lot of functionality associated to it as well. The curved screen can act as a notification ticker, displaying changing text content like news and incoming notifications.


Another cool feature of the curve is that even when the phone is placed upside down, when a call arrives, the curve displays a particular color based on the caller. The caller can be identified by just a tertiary glance at the color. To look, it looks similar to a cars’ neon lighting.


Design wise, both the 2015 flagships look a bit similar to a merger between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 6, but the appeal the design has is a complete…. Wow.


Samsung also introduced some changes in their preferences. The flagships say goodbye to a removable battery, a micro SD card slot and waterproofing, along with the polycarbonate body but introduce new features like inbuilt Wireless charging, which has the capability of charging the phone with 2 hours of juice in just 15 minutes. TouchWiz has also been lightened up and a new payement service, a competitor to Apples’ Apple Pay has been launched, named, well, Samsung Pay (Obviously).


So are you thinking of an upgrade to this year’s flagship and also have the bling bling to buy it? Then why are you still thinking, go and buy it!


If, however, you want latest hardware but cannot afford premium, the Galaxy S5 is still a very competitive device and its hardware is well enough to power it strongly for another year or two. In the end, it all matters on preference and budget.


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