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Gaming FaceOff: The Xbox One vs The PS4


Gaming, the best sort of entertainment for man since ancient times, has come a long way since its earlier days. What once used to be physical activities like running, jumping, playing any sport like football, cricket etc, can now be done while just sitting in front of a display, playing games on a gaming console.

Gaming machines themselves have come a long way. What once used to be games played on a PC are now done on specified machines for gaming like the PlayStation or the Xbox. Gaming consoles have evolved too, actually. From early gen PlayStations and Nintendo systems, we now have the mammoth PS4 and XboX One. Which of these is machines is better?

Which of these two gaming wonder machines is the better? Let’s find out.



The Xbox one is 10% larger than its predecessor, the Xbox 360. It however has a similar weight as the 360. The increased size is to aid cooling of the console, as overheating was a major issue in the previous Xbox.

The PlayStation is a small, compact device, which can easily fill the space below the TV, unlike the rather bulky Xbox One. In terms of looks too, the PlayStation takes it all with its slanted front design, which gives it quite a good physical appeal. The Xbox is, on the other hand, more generically designed, more edgy.


When it comes to the number and type of ports available on these machines, the Xbox has the upper hand. There’s the normal AC port for power, then an HDMI out that connects your console to your TV, Optical out and an HDMI in for feeding your cable TV box into your Xbox One. Then there’s a pair of USB ports, the Kinect port, IR out and the Ethernet port. There’s also a lock port that allow you to connect a laptop lock to secure your console.

The PlayStation has two USB ports at the front alongside the Blu-Ray disc drive. On the back, it has the power port at the bottom left, while along the top row it has the optical out, HDMI, Ethernet and AUX ports.

User Interface


On the UI front, the Xbox by Microsoft, packs what you may expect, its Metro UI. It is very similar to what one can see on any Windows 8 plus device. The UI is easy to master, due to it being familiar on PCs.

The PlayStation has a very simple UI. With one way scrolling and the recent applications being shown on the bottom, it is a very straightforward UI.

Controller and Power

Both the consoles have extremely high tech gamepads or controllers. Both are very highly praised for their response and features. The Xbox controller is a tad better than that of the PS4.


On the processing front, both the consoles come with the same processor, AMD Jaguar 8-core processor. The PS4 runs it at a cool frequency of 1.6GHz whereas the Xbox runs it overclocked to 1.7GHz. This may suggest that the Xbox is more powerful, but that is not the case here, due to the GPUs in the two. The PS4 has the faster and better GPU among the two.

This still does not mean that you will face processing problems on the Xbox, but that the PS4 can deliver much better resolutions.


Both the machines are total beasts when it comes to gaming. It all depends mostly on personal choice. The Xbox has the better controller and port availability but the PS4 is the better when it comes to sheer power. In the end, both the machines equally represent the gaming power and features of this generation.


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