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GMail Will No Longer Scan Your Email For Ads

GMail Will No Longer Scan Your Email For Ads

Google announced in a blog post last Friday that its much-maligned practice of scanning emails within Gmail, for targeted advertising would now be stopped. The Tech Giant mentioned in the blog that Gmail in G Suite is not used for ads personalization, and now the same practice will be followed with regular Gmail too. G Suite is Google’s solution for enterprises with more than 3 million paying companies.

Consumer Pressure

Google has pointed out that Gmail has 1.2 billion users, making it one of the biggest email services in the world and the company’s practice of scanning emails had always been met with criticism. A report in Bloomberg points out that ads will still be a part of the consumer version of Gmail, but will be based on data from search, YouTube etc.

In Gmail, Google shows ads based on user settings. To manage ad settings for your account, go to myaccount.google.com and sign in. You will see a tab for Personal Info and Privacy. The third option in the list is Ad Settings. After you click on that, go to a tab called Manage Ad Settings. In this page, all you should do is turn off the Ads Personalization feature to turn off targeted ads for your account.

The Road Ahead

Google is now looking to make ad money from its other services – such as search data, location data and more. Ad personalisation based on email content seems to have lost to consumer faith and good business practices.