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Goldify aka The Most Epic April Fool’s Day Joke


Earlier this week, Cashify brought to you an innovation like no other – Goldify. A pathbreaking achievement to maximise value for our customers, Goldify intended to extract the gold your smartphones contained. This, so that we could accumulate it together to give it back to you as a gold coin. If you missed it, here it is again:

Some of you did wonder how this process – which had remained unfeasible for science so far, had been perfected by Cashify. Did this mean all the smartphones of the world were literal ‘goldmines’ in their own small way?

Yes, they were. Or at least, they would’ve been, if this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

April Fool’s

Of course this was an April Fool’s joke! Extracting gold from your smartphone without spending a ton of resources on the process, and turning it instantly into a coin still remain next to impossible. While we’d love to be able to gift you gold, it, sadly, is a long haul.

To those of you who saw through our small attempt to make you smile, well done! To those who fell for our little stunt – don’t worry. Your old smartphone hasn’t been renderred useless again! While we can’t offer you a gold coin yet, we do promise you the best price for it if you sell it to Cashify! Head over to our website, select your phone and its condition, and we’ll show up at your doorstep, with cash for your smartphone!


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