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How Good is Google’s Pixel C?


If you followed Google’s launch event last week, you would have already seen the company’s new tablet. But it isn’t just another new tablet you see every day. Unlike the Nexus Tablets before, which were products of collaboration of Google with other OEMs, the Pixel C is a hundred per cent Google device. The device is second in line in Google’s new Pixel series after the Chromebook Pixel.

But is the device really worth all the hype? Let’s find out.


Pixel C
Pixel C

When we first saw the Pixel C, we were awestruck. The device is downright beautiful; featuring a metal body with the same multi-coloured bar from the Chromebook Pixel on the back. The device is edgy on the sides and looks like an expensive commodity (Sci-fi?). We were surely impressed with the design.


Pixel C Keyboard
Pixel C Keyboard

In terms of raw power, this guy is no slouch. Opting for the new Tegra X1 SoC by NVIDIA, and pairing it with NVIDIA’s own Maxwell GPU and 3GB of RAM, Google has not let the device back off in the power department. The device features a 10.2 inch display with a modest resolution of 2560×1800. It also features a USB Type-C connection port.

Features and Add-ons

Pixel C Type-C USB Connector
Pixel C Type-C USB Connector

The biggest thing to talk about this tablet though is the Google manufactured full-sized keyboard that can be bought as an add-on for the tablet. The keyboard also has the same brushed metal finish as the tablet itself. It connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and the device can be attached to a magnetic hinge on the keyboard which can be tilted from 100 to 135 degrees. The keyboard can also be charged by the tablet inductively and a full charge can last for about 2 months (according to Google). The addition of the keyboard puts the Pixel C in competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s new iPad Pro.

The device, as a whole, including the keyboard, is a solid payback for your money. If you are searching for a good Android tablet, you are getting a wholly Google one here.

Can the Pixel Strategy work the magic for Google in the tablet world then?

With Google having full control over hardware AND software, the company can choose to add or remove any features of devices as the compatibility of software and hardware goes. The company can itself optimise devices as per the OS and hence achieve high performance on them, as Microsoft and Apple have done. With Pixel being the Tablet range made especially by Google, the devices here may, in true terms, be the actual flagships of the company. The tactic is a great one though, and if the Pixel series sees fame soon, we may not be far from a time when Nexus smartphones become history for good.


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