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Google Home vs Amazon Echo: The Battle of Home AI


Artificial intelligence which was once, and for quite a while, simply a realm of fiction, is now closer to reality than ever. With the new and advanced AI home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, it’s now within your home.

Anyone who has had a hand on experience with a device like Google Home and Amazon Echo would know how compelling it is – to ask for a specific song, switching off a Smart bulb or setting up an alarm. But which one of the two are going to be leading this race? Let’s find out.

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker recognised by Alexa was launched in the year 2015 in the US and now available in the UK and Germany as well. The estimate suggests that around 2 million units of the device were sold in the first 9 months of its launch. Amazon’s Echo is currently sold on its home site – Amazon.com

Google Home

While Amazon was busy celebrating its success of Amazon Echo, Google came up with its own version of an AI home Assistant. Google Home draws information from the Google’s database whereas Echo relies on Alexa. It’s priced at about $109 – and is already available in the US. European and other markets will be getting their hands on it in Summer 2017.

Though the both devices promises to do all the work for you, people who have spent time living with this AI home assistant know that they do have some limitations. Google Home and Amazon Echo are attempting to add new features and make the device more useful and efficient, and these are barely the first iterations.