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Artificial Intelligence to find Jobs for you; Thank You Google

Google launches AI Powered Job Search Engine

Looking for a new job? Chances are all those repetitive, incomprehensible job postings on job portal sites have probably got to you. Scavenging for accurate information and putting those bits and pieces together can seem tougher than getting the job itself. Which is why Google is stepping in.

Google to the Rescue

Here’s how Google will help with its new jobs search feature. A job-related query will show you the new job search widget, which presents to you a range of results from virtually all online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, to name a few.

You can also streamline your search results through filtering by specific job name, industry, location or even full-time preference.

How It’ll Work

How are these uncluttered search results generated? Google first has to remove the repetitive listings which are on different sites. Then its machine learning-trained algorithms place similar jobs in a category. This is helped by the fact that the job sites use some specific mark-up to identify the job postings for search engines.

Google launches AI Powered Job Search Engine

Once search results are generated and you choose a job, you will be directed to the job site with the most comprehensive job posting. This ensures that job boards will have to present all important details relevant to a certain job description.

Effect on competition

Google doesn’t play a part in the application process for a job. Instead their focus is on enhancing their search capabilities. Also there is no plan, for the time being, to let employers directly post jobs to the search engine.

When asked about possible competition with sites like Monster and CareerBuilder, Google’s product manager for the project, Nick Zakrasek, said, “We want to do what we do best: search. We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful.”

Thanks Google. Here’s hoping this makes a difference!