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Google Pixel 3 XL leak reveals ‘Clearly White’ colour option


The smartphone industry will once again witness another mega event, when the tech giant Google introduces the next gen of their flagship devices – the Pixel 3 and 3XL. The devices are expected to release around October.

Although nothing is officially confirmed by Google, a lot has been already leaked concerning the next line of pixel phones. And here’s everything we know about the Pixel 3XL.

The notch

Just like any other smartphone launched by almost all the Android manufacturers in 2018, the pixel 3XL will also feature the infamous notch.

We have seen the use of an in-display fingerprint scanner by some manufacturers, but that hasn’t gone mainstream yet so the inclusion of a notch is made to increase the screen real estate.

But the removal of the headphone jack and inclusion of the notch has left the online tech community unhappy. Angry tech fans on Reddit have attacked google for copying apple.One of them said “I’m skipping it. The notch is hideous, and its pretty annoying to have a notch and chins. Hopefully, Google gets it right next year, or I may move back to Samsung”. Many Redditors also appreciated Samsung of not joining the notch bandwagon and keeping the headphone jack intact.

We have to wait and see if this backslash results in poor sales for Google.

Pixel 3XL Screen | Design

The Pixel 2 had display problems, the screen had a slight blue tint to it, resulting in a bad viewing experience. It will be interesting to see how Google solves the problem in its upcoming device. The Pixel 3XL is rumoured to have a huge 6.2inch 1440 x 2960 OLED panel. The design will most likely resemble the Oixel 2 with a single back camera and a glass built.

Pixel 3XL Under the Hood | Battery

The smartphone should come with the latest Snapdragon 845 chip and  adrone 630 GPU. The amount of RAM could be 4/6gb with 128gigs of storage. As far as the battery is concerned we might see a 3600 mAh of capacity.

Pixel 3XL OS and Cameras

The Pixel 2 had one of the best smartphone cameras, with a record-setting overall score of 98 in DxOMark ratings. We should expect a similar camera experience this time as well. The pixel count is yet to be known, but the setup should be a single back camera with dual-lens front camera. The Pixel 3XL will ship with Android 9 (Pie) out of the box.

Other Features

A user named dr.guru on xda-developers claimed the Pixel 3XL will come with a colour variant named “Clearly White”. The back Will be glass, with wireless charging Support. The squeeze feature which lets you launch google assistant will make a comeback from the pixel 2 as well. Just like its predecessor, Pixel 3XL will also feature water proofing, and an inclusion of the USB Type-C earphones is expected. The single speaker set-up might change from its predecessor and we might see dual speaker on the next pixel phone.

Pricing and availability

The next gen pixel phones are rumoured to be priced at a premium, the starting price of which could be $850 and could go all the way upto $1000 as seen on many flagship devices. Both the Pixel 3 and 3XL might hit various smartphone markets by mid October.

Stay tuned, since a lot more leaks and news around the next Pixel phones are expected before the October launch. With the launch date is coming closer, we expect all the details to be official at the unveiling event. Until then, you may want to plan selling your current smartphone device on Cashify.


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