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Google Submits To Oracle – Android War 2016!


Google met with a lot of success when it planned its own Android project to enter the mobile market as a competitor to Apple’s iPhone but it turned out to be an Operating System for mobile devices. Last November the android code base witnessed a major change that appeared as an upset in the Android community.




As a result of this, Google had planned to drop its own implementation of the standard Java libraries that are considered to be the heart of Java in favor of Oracle’s OpenJDK libraries. Google confirmed through various sources that OpenJDK had replaced the now discontinued Apache harmony as the Java libraries in the source code of the Android Operating system, and this would be a part of next major release of the OS.


Due to the claims of copyright and patent violations through its use of reimplementation of copyrighted Java APIs via Harmony, Google has been in a legal dispute with Oracle for many years. It seemed that Google had been planning for this possibility since a year, but breaking of this news was quite a surprise for the Android users.




Andreas Gal the Mozilla CTO, who had an intense rivalry with Google while developing Firefox OS calls it a huge change that will have far reaching implications for Android and Android ecosystem. Gal predicts that this news would prove to be a costly one for Google because, Google’s Java implementation was licensed under Apache 2 license, which allows the chipset sellers to easily modify the library code.




Open JDK library uses the GPL2 license, which requires publishing the source code for any changes in the library. He proceeded to say that Android N, the next version will be prone to delays and compatibility problems. Its top priority will be the crashing problem and not the delay in arriving time.




Google’s main rival Apple would automatically gain from it as its late CEO Steve Jobs called Android as a stolen product. Microsoft plans to enter the Android market with the help of Cyanogen which again is an android software developer. There have been reports that Cyanogen would patch up with Microsoft to give a tough competition to Google’s Android.


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