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Google’s Instant App Service Reaches 500 Million Users In Android


Google’s Instant app service now has over 500 million users says the search engine giant. The Instant Apps service allows users to run apps “instantly” by tapping a link without having to install them first. Instant Apps was first showcased at Google I/O in 2016.

Completing One Year

In celebration of this occasion Google has managed to assemble data from various different apps to show how instant apps has managed to increase user engagement.

Vimeo has more than 50 million creators and 240 million viewers worldwide. After implementing Android Instant Apps, Vimeo‘s session duration increased by 130 percent. US-based shopping platform, Jet, which provides real-time savings for customers, saw its conversion rate increase by 27 percent after implementing its Instants App.

The NYTimes Crossword app saw a 2X increment in number of sessions per user after launching its Instant App. Real estate transaction platform dotloop saw an increase of 62 percent in users who sign a document after migrating to an Instant App.


Android Instant Apps is open for all developers, supported on all the latest devices with Android 6.0 to Android O. It and can be accessed in more than 40 countries. The app has the same Android APIs, project, and source code as the existing Android App. To make an Instant App, developers need to install the Android Studio 3.0 and the Instant Apps development SDK.

After building and publishing the Instant App, it will be accessible to users on their Android device from any URL like social media, search and messaging. However, the app executed in the smartphone, has a limited functionality. Users can choose to download the full app if they want.