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The Grand Problem of Electronic Waste

A pile of electronic waste on a roadside in Guiyu. Much of modern electronic equipment contains toxic ingredients and as much as 4,000 tonnes of toxic e-waste is discarded every hour. Vast amounts are routinely and often illegally shipped as waste from Europe, USA and Japan to countries in Asia because it is easier and cheaper to dump the problem on poorer countries with lower environmental standards. Workers involved in dismantling e-waste are exposed to serious health hazards.

The technology world is fast developing. Every day, newer and better technology replaces the older. As a result, the older one becomes obsolete and not so relevant. But that isn’t really a happy ending. Sure, newer electronics makes lives better and ups productivity, and does a ton of other things. But what about older devices? Where do they go?

Not a very good place. We pile and dump older electronics as garbage, never to use them again. But we forget that these electronic devices pose a major threat to our environment. It’s not like we can just discard them. Electronic components include radiation inducing devices and a whole lot of other environmentally damaging things.

What is the consequence?

We keep on accumulating a large heap of obsolete gadgets which go waste and rendered unusable. Electronic waste includes discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, mobile phones, televisions and refrigerators. This also includes electronic goods that are destined to be reused and recycled, either by replacing faulty parts or by extracting useful materials for the production of other goods.

Every year, more and more electronic waste is generated. This may also be due to increasing electronic productions and disposal of older either obsolete, or faulty devices. Most of the times, we ignore the ever increasing e-waste and never really care to realize the consequences of it. Here are some alarming facts about electronic waste which may finally tell you what is happening because of our desire for the latest.

  1. Electronic waste represents just 2% of the world’s trash in landfills, but it equals to 70% of the overall toxic waste.
  2. 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is disposed worldwide every year.
  3. Cell phones and other electronic items contain large amounts of gold and silver in them. Americans dump electronics containing $20 million worth of gold and silver every year.
  4. From every million cell phones recycled, 35,274 lbs of copper, 77 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold and 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered.
  5. Most of the stuff that is called ‘E-waste’ is not waste at all. It is just a collection of electronic equipments that has some faulty part.
  6. Some of the items that are considered to be hazardous are CRT, LCD and Plasma TVs and Monitors, DVD and CD players and every item containing an LCD display.

The solution?

a. Try selling old electronics for recycling and refurbishing. Refurbished goods are not faulty or broken and someone who could not have afforded the store bought may benefit from them.

reglobe choose to reuse

If recycled or refurbished responsibly tech can be disposed causing the least amount of harm to the environment or refurbished keeping the good parts and replacing the corrupted / damaged components and be sold again. The quality of the refurbished gadget almost always depends upon the buyer and re-furbishers. ReGlobe is one of the leading firms which sells these electronics responsibly for refurnishing or disposal.

b. Use the working components of a broken gadget to develop and improve a new or working one. This may include incorporating the RAM of a broken laptop into an existing one. This will also exponentially increase the working capacity of the laptop.

c. Quite simply put, if your gadget has just grown a little old, don’t just throw it away, use it for a little while more until it starts faulting of stops working. Even if you do want the latest tech, you can give away your existing gadget to someone else like your children instead of throwing it away.

But as we cannot keep all the old electronic goods with ourselves, we can sell it to quality refurbishing firms and in turn make some money too! ReGlobe guarantees the best price for your used and old electronics. Found an old gadget you want to sell after readinig this? Go no further, ReGlobe is your best stop.



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