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GTA 5 Gunrunning: Kabooom at its best!

gta 5 gunrunning

Rockstar’s update for Grand Theft Auto 5 is only a week away, and the fans are never expecting anything less with the next version. And indeed latest GTA trailer is every bit of a treasure worth waiting for.

All the Violence you need

GTA rolls in with swag once again, and this time its Gunrunning version is meaner and cooler than anything else. Terminate people, arms, kill, run; words of absolute mayhem and an epic picture quality of a war knocking our doors.

Weapon Trafficking

The GTA Gunrunning is the rise of illegal weapon trafficking in Southern San Andres. That means you are free to upgrade your toys with advanced weaponry, weaponized vehicles, subterranean bunker, Mobile Operations Center and more.

Here is some intel from what we could gather out of its latest trailer:

  • Mobile Operations Center (MOC)

A command center that can be driven across any terrain and still modular enough to accommodate vehicle & weaponry workshop, and luxurious living quarter, being pulled by a semi-truck.

  • Weaponized Vehicles

Build your own fleet of weaponized escorts to tackle enemies on both road and in-air.

  • Researcher facilities

Advanced weaponry’s cannot be developed by a group of blood-junkies, but a team of even crazier scientists. GTA 5 Gunrunning spares you with enough resources at hand to develop your own line of optional upgrades and weapon mods for your weaponized vehicles & command centers.