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Hacks To Extend Your Laptop’s Life!


Endurance is an often sought quality while buying expensive electronics like laptops. But even though they can be extremely durable, at the end of the day they are machines. Hence, they tend to lose the power and vigor they possess as they mature. Still, certain easy hacks can ensure that your laptop survives longer and is able to prove its worth. Read on and get introduced to few tricks that may help you in increasing the overall performance and the lifespan of your laptop computer.




Keep It Good & Clean: You may laugh at this, but this is the simplest, primary and the most efficient way to increase the life of a laptop. As the laptop ages, dirt, dust, etc. tend to get accumulated in the internal spaces as a result of which the components’ performance is reduced to a large extent.


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This is the reason why laptops get overheated more once it is used on a regular basis and is not taken care of properly. The dust in the coolant fan prevents it from spinning and blocks the cooling of the processor properly. To avoid such inconveniences, keep the computer in a cool, clean place and get it serviced regularly for a much longer life.


Let It Breathe: Allow some gap to be present at the bottom where the cooling grill is located while using your laptop. Let the hot air escape easily so that the processor cools down effectively. Performance and overall life of a laptop greatly varies due to such a practice.


Keep A Check On Sudden Power Variations: Power surges diminish the laptop’s performance and battery life. One should always ensure that constant power is supplied to the laptop by using voltage stabilizers, adapters, etc.




Keep The Disk Defragmented: This easy hack can help in getting an effective boost in laptop’s performance. Usage for long time causes fragmentation in the data stored in the hard drive or in any other drive of the laptop. Ultimately, the laptop slows down the process of fetching the data. Defragmentation puts all the data stored in individual files together so that the processor does not have to skip finding the required data.





Use Anti-Malwares: This is an obvious one. One should always check for virus attacks and malware on the computer regularly using antivirus software or malware detector. Fixing, cleaning or removing the malware as quickly as possible before they damage any crucial data is a necessity.


Follow these major hacks or processes that could help in increasing the overall lifespan of a laptop. Though there are more detailed and complicated methods, these were the most simple & effective methods to extend a laptop’s life!


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