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Danger In Disguise: Smartphones Not-So-Smart Now!


Have you ever asked this question to yourself? It stands as a million dollar question whether the existing as well as forthcoming smartphones are really smart or not? This sense of doubt has gathered a lot of momentum considering the concerns which have started taking a toll on people’s health.

The Balanced Approach Towards An Unbalanced Life


Despite the fact that a balanced life is essential in its own, users tend to get addicted to smartphones (Sell Used Smartphones) so much they hardly feel the need of hunger, work, study etc. Similarly, people’s addiction for smartphones has reached alarming proportions to an extent, that if left unchecked, it can even prove to be a death knell.

Too Much Is Too Bad

Intolerance as a concept has been quite in India recently. As much as said than being done, it is yet another concern that has witnessed a sudden rise amongst the users now days. This happens with users who are occupied with smartphones beyond the limit. From games to chats to a list of infinite apps, the pleasure of using them and driving instant happiness is addictive indeed.

Is It Worth You?


Going forward, smartphones through their notifications in the form of beeps and buzzes create an instant curiosity in the minds of users urging them to check instantly. No doubt, these smartphones, through their advanced technological inventions would have solved the purpose of people, had they been smarter than them. However, the reality is for all of us to see and introspect ourselves. (Encash Old Smartphones)

When Heart Ignores The Brain


Considering the ever-increasing addiction, users are actually turning more into boredom, anxiety and distress. An emerging as well as a dangerous trend that has been observed is that of using smartphones while driving. This has led to some unfortunate cases off lately across the world.

Final Thoughts

Users are increasingly finding themselves in a remorseful state as they keep on limiting themselves to a device which, if used in a good way, could have benefited them a lot. Social connect may be very crucial now days, but so is health and it should always be the prime concern for our own good. On similar thoughts, hope you have upgraded your smartphone. If not, Cashify your used smartphone now!


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