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Here Are Some Alternatives To The MacBook Pro

Surface Pro vs Macbook Pro - Which one is right for you?

The MacBook Pro was unveiled with spectacular specs last October and many users were left dazzled by the new add-on features – such as the touch bar on the top of the keyboard and many other things.

However, consumers continue to feel that the price is too high for what the Macbook offers, especially with the controversy surrounding the new MacBook’s lack of ports. Apple removed all of its USB ports and replaced them with Type-C, which could mean that the existing equipment you had wit USB support was worthless. That was unless you bought Apple accessories worth thousands of rupees to convert USB to Type-C. Thankfully there are other Windows alternatives for a lesser price, without the hassle.

Dell XPS 13

Here Are Some Alternatives To The MacBook Pro

This Dell Laptop is special because it features the InfinityEdge displays, which is basically Dell’s fancy way of saying that they have an almost bezel-less screen, similar to the MacBook Pro. Packed with Intel’s latest Intel Kaby Lake processors and an i5-7100U processor alongside 8GB DDR3-1866Mhz RAM. The XPS 13 however has an Intel graphics card. But, an upgraded version called the XPS 15 uses NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card, which makes this variant capable of running most of the games on high settings, while still being able to maintain a decent frame rate. The price ranges between $799 to $1500 according to your configurations.

HP Spectre X360 2017

The highly popular HP Spectre is a convertible laptop, which is also available in 13 and 15-inch variants, just like the Dell XPS and Apple MacBook Pro. They named it the x360 because of the 360 degree hinge design, thereby making it a convertible laptop. This laptop sits at the top of HP’s consumer range and includes all the necessary features to justify the price as well. It packs some serious power in a thin and light form factor, despite the fact that it has an impressive battery life.

Asus ZenBook Pro UX501

The new ZenBook has some serious power and spectacular design that will make it certainly preferable over the MacBook Pro. It has a 4K Ultra HD IPS panel for all the finest details you’d like to see. The laptop is powered by a high-end i7 6700HQ Skylake processor, which is capable of pushing the frequency up to 3.5 Ghz and a NVIDIA GTX 960M GPU for all the graphical horsepower that is required while gaming at a decent frame rate.

Microsoft Surface Book

The Surface is Microsoft’s answer to the MacBook Pro – and rightly so, as it packs in a ton of features and killer specifications. However, the Surface doesn’t come cheap, as the base version starts at $1499 and goes all the way up to a sky-high $3200 asking price for a laptop with a dual core i7-6600U dual core processor and an NVIDIA GTX 965M graphics card.

The Surface Book has a special feature over the MacBook Pro in the form of a dynamic fulcrum hinge, which lets you detach the display and therefore converting your Surface laptop into a Surface tablet. The build quality of the Surface Book is phenomenal and it also features a precision touchpad, so expect plenty of gestures to make your Windows 10 experience better.

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