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Here’s How Easy It Is To Use Cashify For Making Money!


One of the biggest problems for people who have bought mobile phones revolves around how to sell them for as much as they can. The biggest problem here is that the phone depreciates in value the more it is used.

A mobile phone is a commodity which people prefer not to buy second hand. If you wish to sell your old device to another person, you have to understand that it is going to be extremely difficult to sell it for a good price.

Other options include selling the device to vendor or shopkeeper who would then go on to sell the mobile for the parts that are being used in it. In this scenario, we can expect not to be given the correct price for our device as the vendor will try and maximise his profit.

Another option is to sell it in online marketplaces such as Olx, Quikr and the recently opened marketplace section on Facebook. However, chances here are that you will get ripped off your money as there is no such thing as a 100 percent verified vendor. While dealing with individuals it is bound to happen that you might not get the full money you deserve for your used device.

You need a trustworthy source who will give you the exact price for the product you have and also give you a guarantee that the amount will reach your hand. Enter Cashify, your one-stop destination for giving the correct price of your device and also delivering the amount right to your doorstep so that there is no hassle for your side.

The Cashify Story

At Cashify the core principle is to make it so that the customer does not feel any kind of inconvenience or hoodwinking while selling their smartphone. Cashify also ensures that you are able to sell your smartphone as fast as possible owing to its vast connections and partners.

So far, Cashify has encashed 975,000 gadgets, making about Rs 657 crore for its 877,000 happy users.

Cashify generates the best price for your used smartphone based on fair parameters such as the model number of the phone, maker of the smartphone, screen condition and several other factors to generate a computerised version of the best price available.

How To Cashify Your Phone

This customer simply has to go to Cashify’s website, click on the mobile section, select the brand, select the variant and answer a few questions about the condition of the device. That is it. After that Cashify will generate its pricetag and home-deliver the cash to you so that you do not have to move anywhere.

Cashify executives are trained for inspecting your phone at your convenience. If you wish to protect your new smartphone, Cashify also offers screen protection guarantee for a period of 6 months and also provides repairs for broken displays at the most affordable prices.

More Cash With Cashify

The goodies don’t stop there. There are several coupons you can also use for getting extra cash while exchanging your old smartphone for cash. Next time when you Cashify your phone – type in CASHBCK200, XCHANGE200!