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Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Fix The iPhone X


The brand new Apple iPhone X might be packed with some exciting features. But it also packs on a delicacy which might force you to reconsider your choice. There have been reports that a broken iPhone X screen will cost about $279 (approximately Rs 18,000) to repair. Additionally, if other damages are also present on the iPhone X, they will need $549 (Approx. Rs 35,622) if they are not protected by AppleCare+.

Thank You Apple

The company has infact showcased a list on its website that shows the cost of repair for all the different iPhones. Apple has also mentioned quite a few points showing when these prices will actually apply. Now according to the company, these prices will only apply when ‘you need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling’. Accidental damage is not covered under Apple warranty.

If your iPhone X is not under warranty, the cost of repairing your device stands to cost as much as a new iPhone 7. So it would actually do you a lot of good to purchase a cover alongside the phone.

Accidental Protection

AppleCare+ coverage does actually provide accidental warranty. So you won’t need to pay even if your iPhone is damaged accidentally. But, if you don’t have the AppleCare+ coverage, you will most definitely have to pay the listed amount to repair your phone. The prices will be applicable as and when the screen of the iPhone stops working or if your iPhone is not covered by Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.

The price for repairs mentioned in the list are actually not taxed and charges of tax will be added to the amount you will pay for the repair of your iPhone. If you want your iPhone to get delivered to you after it has been repaired, the company will charge an additional $6.95 shipping fee.

AppleCare+ also includes two accidental damage coverage plans. The charges taken by the company under the AppleCare+ is $29 for the ‘screen repair only’ and $99 for ‘other damages’. These are service charges taken by the company even if your iPhone is covered under the AppleCare+ coverage.

In the case of battery, the company will actually charge no money for battery service if your iPhone is under warranty or AppleCare+ coverage. However, a charge of $79 is required for the battery service if not covered under mentioned schemes.

Also, one should note that the cost of repairing the screen of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is $169 and $399 for other damages and the cost of repairing the screen for the iPhone 8 is $149 and $349 for other damages.

Super expensive right? Maybe just stick to the iPhone 7 for now.



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