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Hike vs WhatsApp Messenger


Instant messengers have become a very important part of our everyday life. With the ‘Internet Era’ at large, IM clients are also increasing with each passing day. Not even one day in the life of the modern man passes without using an IM. May it be Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, our very widely used WhatsApp and Hike, the list just keeps going on and on. Not only this, each IM provides so many different features that it’s hard to choose from the infinite long list.

So, to make things a bit easier for you, we are going to compare the leading IM clients in India as of this year. We are going to compare the two aforementioned clients in sectors which value most to you. So let’s get the beasts in the pit.

Round #1: Platform


One of the main considerations taken to judge an application is the Platform Bandwidth or the range of supported Operating Systems.

In this context, both WhatsApp and Hike are available on the leading Platforms of this age. Be it Android, iOS, or Windows, or any other for that matter, you can use these apps on the go.

Outcome- Draw

Round #2: Number of Users

Hike is a relatively new app when compared to WhatsApp and has users mainly centered towards the Indian Subcontinent and other Asian countries.

WhatsApp, on the contrary, is an old player in this game and has users worldwide.

If you are someone who has contacts across the globe and IM is the means you would prefer, WhatsApp should be your choice.

Outcome- WhatsApp: 1 , Hike: 0

Round #3: Features

This is the most important segment for any application. The quality on an app is decided completely by considering this factor.


Both these IMs have their own different way of pleasing the users. Where Hike tries to put in awesome Stickers and chat themes, WhatsApp takes on the simple approach of packing only what’s important to you. But if you are someone who loves using those stickers, trolls and chat themes to show your mood and other awesome bits here and there, you can blindly rely on Hike.

Outcome- WhatsApp: 1 , Hike: 1


Round #4: Stability

While both these apps are of very high quality and are quite stable, WhatsApp might be a hairline more stable than Hike. This could be because of the fact that WhatsApp has a simple UI and doesn’t have so many features like stickers, etcetera.

But considering raw stability, WhatsApp takes the cake.

Outcome- WhatsApp: 2 , Hike: 1

Round #5: Price

The pro is that both WhatsApp and Hike are ad-free, which is awesome.

But Hike is totally free for lifetime, while WhatsApp is free for a complete year and then costs a little under a dollar for the next year.

Not only this, Hike, instead of costing us money, grants us free credit for inviting our friends aboard.

Outcome- WhatsApp: 2 , Hike: 2

Round #6: Misc and Extras


The cool thing is that Hike grants you free credit for inviting your friends to use the app. Not only this, you also get free Hike to SMS messages throughout the country so that you can keep in touch with loved ones who don’t use the app.

Both these features are absent on WhatsApp.

Outcome- WhatsApp: 2 , Hike: 3


Those of you who know math might already know the result of our Pit-fight between these two IMs. But before we give our results, we would just like to point out that both these apps are winners and perfect in their own way. It’s just what you value the most.

So then, getting to the point, the winner to our Face Off for the title of best IM is Hike which defeats WhatsApp by a small fraction.

Disagree? For any questions or suggestions, kindly use the comments section below.


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