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The History, Present and the Future of Apple iPhone

The History, Present and the Future of Apple iPhone

As iPhone fans wait for the release of iPhone 6 this year lets run through all the model of iPhone release in last 5 years.

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1. Original iPhone

Released in 2007, this smartphone It featured quad-band GSM cellular connectivity with GPRS and EDGE support for data transfer. This was a 2G phone, meaning a slow Internet experience; however, Apple did offer 4, 8, and 16 GB models.

2. iPhone 3G

In 2008 Apple brought in the iPhone 3G.The obvious addition was the use of 3G network. The device also had software improvements introduced with iPhone OS 2.0 IT was also the first time the App store came into being.

3. iPhone 3Gs 

In 2009, Apple got introduced its one of the top seller iPhone 3Gs which sold more than 35 million units in USA. This phone had a faster processor and improved capable of recording 480p videos.

4. iPhone 4

The first phone to released with Retina display. The iPhone 4 also introduced Apple’s A4 system-on-chip, also with a software of iOS 4—which notably introduced multitasking functionality. The FaceTime video chat service was also first introduced with iPhone 4. It was also know as the thinnest phone on the market at that time.

5. iPhone 4s 

It is the biggest selling iPhone in the history. Keeping the same external design of its predecessor, the 4S hosted revised hardware specifications like the A5 chipset, and 8MP camera. It debuted with intelligent personal assistant named Siri which is standard feature now. Other features included iCloud, iMessage, Notification Center, Reminders, and Twitter integration.




6. iPhone 5

Connecting with Steve Jobs vision of making Iphone thinner and lighter the iPhone 5 was launched in an aluminum frame. It featured the Apple A6 system-on-chip, expanded the display by 4 inches and introduced a new compact dock connector which replaces the 30-pin design.

7. The iPhone 5s and 5c 

The first iPhone iteration to be split into two models, the 5c and 5s targeted different consumer segments. The iPhone 5C is available in five colors — green, blue, yellow, pink and white. The 5C uses much of the same hardware as the iPhone 5, with some iOS 7 optimization like improved battery life, live photo filters and a rear cover that lights up. 5S has a new home button design using a laser-cut sapphire cover surrounded by a metallic ring, Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition system built directly into the home button and an upgraded 64-bit processor.


The Future?

Well no one can truly predict what the new iPhone 6 is going to be but as per rumors going around is it will have a larger screen: anything between 4.7″ (perhaps 1704×960 pixels) and 5.5″ accompanied with Sapphire crystal screen and a faster and more efficient A8 chip.


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