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How Can I Fix My Smartphone Screen?


So you cracked your smartphone screen. Welcome to the club, it’s actually fairly crowded in here. It’s estimated that over 50% of all smartphone users have had their screens shattered at least once. The display is the most crucial user-facing component of the phone, so it’s imperative that you pay very close attention to preventing any damage to the screen.

But often, even after taking all the proper precautions, we find that the phone will somehow end up with a screen cracked one way or another. If you do have a damaged display, it is quite essential that you have it repaired or replaced at the earliest because if you don’t, the moisture seeping in through the cracks of the screen may damage your phone’s functionality.

In any case, there are a couple of options you have if you want to get your phone back to normal.

#1 – Self Repair

You can try and repair the phone yourself by ordering the spare parts online on eBay. However, this method is not recommended as you could inadvertently damage the phone due to your lack of expertise. Worse, if you got the wrong parts, you’re only making the issue more complicated.

#2 – Local Establishments

The next option is to have it repaired at your local mobile repair shop. While there are local repair shops at many places, finding one that is reliable and delivers quality is the challenge. Here, you could be wasting valuable time and money trying to find the correct repair shop and then end up with a costly part which could stop functioning at any time. Many shops also often don’t offer warranty on the new parts.

#3 – Cashify’s Screen Pro

The third option for you in such a situation is the use of Cashify’s newly launched ScreenPro program. ScreenPro is a lot of services rolled into one – there’s affordable, value-for-money screen repair, there’s doorstep delivery for replacing your broken display. There’s also an unheard-of 7-day cash back guarantee on the replaced screen. To top it all off, Cashify also offers a 6-month replacement warranty on all the parts for your display.

Screen Pro is a reliable, inexpensive, and guaranteed service that honestly stands out from all your other options if you’ve shattered your phone’s screen. Add doorstep pickup and fix to it, and we’ve got ourselves a no brainer!