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How Can You Upgrade To Your Favourite Flagship Faster


Everyone wants to upgrade to the latest flagship device. An Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Google Pixel 2 is the envy of everyone and rightly so. With the ‘flagship killer’ OnePlus 6 coming to users, flagship mania is back with a bang again!

Smartphone makers design flagships keeping in my mind the competition they are facing. As such they try and fit the best possible software and hardware in the phone so that it can outperform the other devices in its price range. Therefore it makes perfect sense to want a flagship phone as it is the best phone a company can offer.

Obviously, with the best specs there also comes a very heavy price tag on the phone. This is because only the best quality hardware is used in making a flagship product. So what is the fastest way to buy these smartphones which can more often than not be heavy on your pocket.

Well, the most important factor here that you need to get money faster. However, an even better alternative is to get cash back and discounts on the flagship smartphone so that you can get them for cheaper.

#1 – Cashify

One way to do it is to use a website like Cashify. With major smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi being Cashify’s official exchange partner it becomes quite clear that this one of the fastest ways to buy your choice of a flagship device.

Cashify will provide you with the best possible price available for your older smartphone. The user just has to visit Cashify’s website and follow some very basic instructions. The price for your older smartphone will be generated based on certain parameters such as the screen condition of the phone, the smartphone maker, the model number, warranty situation and more.

After the price has been generated, all you need to do is schedule a pickup time for your phone and an executive from Cashify will arrive at your house at your convenience to deliver the cash to you. As you can probably see, there is minimum headache from the side of the customer here.

#2 – Exchange Offers On Portals

You can also visit all the e-commerce giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal, all of whom provide some kind of cashback deal on the purchase of flagship smartphones from their side. Also, any kind of smartphone exchange on both Flipkart and Amazon is powered by Cashify, so that is one more reason to choose Cashify for selling your old smartphone.

#3 – Wait for Seasonal Discounts

But really it would seem that if you are extremely adamant in buying a flagship product for the lowest price, wait for seasonal sales where prices of the products drop drastically. PayTM mall also holds these kinds of sales and can give quite reasonable discounts on products in the form of PayTM cash money.

As of right now, Samsung and HTC are offering discounts on their flagship products, but only if you purchase via their websites.

#4 – Take A Short Term Loan

Of course, there’s also the option of taking a short term loan to fund your flagship dreams. With P2P Lending portals doling out easy to get, quick loans at attractive interest rates, there’s always the option to borrow money for a flagship.

Having said that, isn’t it so much easier with Cashify?