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How have curved TVs fared and what is there future?

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Curved TVs began as a gimmick to many around 3 years ago. Samsung was the perpetrator behind this seemingly new, wondrous technology. As many had predicted since the beginning – the curved TV was just a big distraction and waste of money. In many ways it was just as bad as 3D TVs, who at their peak couldn’t sell nearly as much as they would have liked.

Quick Recap

A curved TV takes the traditional flat screen and bends it along a gentle arc. The edges end up a bit closer, ostensibly providing a slight wraparound effect. Curved TV makers like to describe these units as more “immersive” than their flat counterparts – similar to how an IMAX screen is more immersive.

A Curved TV, when it first came out was very unique and different, but when we looked at the overall demand in the market, there wasn’t a huge outcry.

This curved screen gimmick was ported to our very own handheld devices as well – the smartphone. Again, Samsung was the innovator behind this trend with the Galaxy Edge smartphone line. However, the technology didn’t disappoint on the phone, in fact it was quite highly appreciated and renowned for its ingenuity.

But in the case of a TV the only real image-quality benefit you could see to the curve was a reduction in reflections in some cases. That benefit wasn’t worth the slight geometric distortions introduced by the curve, not to mention its awkwardness when hung on the wall.

Keeping Curved TVs Alive

But curved TVs are still going strong, thanks to a handful of company who have the financial capability to keep on building these machines. Since the inception of the curved TV’s by Samsung the company has gone nuts trying to promote and outsell competitors like LG, Panasonic etc. They were especially pushing premium 4K and HDR models.

The race has however ended as Samsung is the only name selling any kind of curved TV’s after LG announced at this year’s CES that it would be now only manufacturing.

The initial appeal was that it was something new like the 3D TV. However, when practicality takes its toll on the human mind the tendency to show off recedes dramatically. The curved TV may have a fuller viewing experience, it might have reduced reflection and it might have looked stylish in some eyes.

However, the pricing of the TV’s are a big concern. OLED TVs are a lot less expensive and provide basically the same experience. For most it doesn’t make sense to spend that much on curved TV’s as it does not offer something spectacularly out of the box. Also it takes some acclimating to a curved display. There’s a fine balance it needs to strike: too much curve and it’s distracting, too little and defeats the purpose of the curve.

As long as curved TVs continue to sell relatively well for Samsung, it may very well keep on building them. But stats show that it even though it was very much the hype at the time of its launch, the curved TV era has run its last course.

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