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How Much Can You Fetch For A Flagship That Is One Year Old?


How much value can a smartphone bring if it is a year old? What if the phone has been damaged a bit or if it has a poor battery capacity? These questions plague the mind of every person trying to sell their device. However, they become even more important if you own a flagship smartphone.

As expensive as flagship devices are, selling them can be tough as well. No one wants to buy a second-hand flagship device. Especially if it is one year old or more. Everyone wants something that is new to them, and a year old flagship device is outdated tech.

So how does one go about selling one for cash? Well, one can always try to sell it on classifieds websites, but the general perception around these sites is that they are usually not reliable for getting smartphones.

There is, however, the option of using Cashify. The biggest advantage of using Cashify is that everything about it is instant. Users are directed to a page where they can choose the flagship smartphone’s brand. There are many options to choose from – Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, HTC and many more.

After selecting your brand and device, you will be guided through certain steps which will ensure that you get the best possible price quote for your flagship smartphone. To make matters even easier, a Cashify agent will be coming to your place to pickup your device for FREE. Quite clearly Cashify is the way to go. When are you selling your device?