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How to Boost Wi-Fi Speed on Your Android


Tired of terrible load times and lag on your phone? There are more than a few methods and tricks which increase the Wi-Fi speed of your Android phone. You can also do some manual actions or make use of certain apps to directly speed up your Wifi connectivity.

Right Browser Selection

Making the right browser selection has a major effect on Internet speeds on any device. Suggested browser apps you could use Opera Mini or UC Browser. For good Wi-Fi speeds, these browsers are ideal, and have high data transfer rate. There is clear difference in download speeds between Chrome and these browsers.

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Mobile Network Speed app

This app increases your WiFi speed alongside your data network speed. You can use the app to measure App Speed in real-time. Along with that you can also find the best Public Wi-Fi connection. There is also the feature to compare WiFi vs. Cellular Net App Speed, allowing you to choose the best network.

Wi-fi Booster & Analyser

This one is a professional WiFi Analyzing tool. It helps analyze your Wi-Fi connection, and using certain algorithms, helps you boost your Wi-Fi speed.

It also has several features which include displaying your Wi-Fi info and signal strength. The app has a manual boosting mode which helps the network analyser lead you in moving your device to a better place. It also detects available wireless hotspots, wifi tethers or wifi direct.

Signal Booster for Android

If none of the above help you in increasing your internet speed, then you could try some Internet booster apps for Android like INet speed booster or Speed booster Simulation. Just search for the term internet booster on the Play Store and you will find several apps.