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How To Break Up With Your Phone – A Cashify Guide


We love our phones for some pretty obvious reasons: They tell the time of day and the steps we’ve taken. They help us discover music, and of course, connect us with friends and family.

Not surprisingly, there’s a strong dependency we’ve developed on our devices. We want to remain connected, 24×7. In doing so, we’re tuning out our partners and interrupting what could be kind of a biological broadband connection.

Quite clearly the conflict between phone love and human love has become common, so much so that it has its own lexicon. If you’re avoiding your partner in favor of your phone, there’s a term for that. It’s called phubbing (phone + snubbing). If you’re snubbing a person in favor of any type of technology, we call it technoference.

Breaking Up With Your Phone

So how do we break up with our cell phone and restore it to a healthy relationship?

  • Make some areas in your house technology free. Decide which areas of your home, such as the living room and the kitchen should be devoid of using cell phones
  • Try a phone-free bedroom for one week. If you do this it is more than likely that you might be more able to converse with your partner more.
  • Keep phones off the table. If you are eating at home keep phones off the table. Just the presence of a mobile at times (with the possibility of it chirping or buzzing at any moment) hinders the free flow of conversation.

All of this should set the foundation for a healthier, more balanced relationship with your phone (and the people around you). If phones are taking too much of your time, it indeed is time for a break up of sorts!