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How to delete or deactivate your Apple ID


According to the new data and privacy policy by Apple, users can download a copy of all of the data associated with their Apple ID accounts. The new policy also provides users an option to delete or deactivate their Apple ID.

The deactivation option is currently limited to certain countries. The full rollout of the service around the world is expected to happen in the coming months.

According to Apple, it is advisable to take the following steps before you request deletion or deactivation of your account:

  • Backup all your data. When you delete your Apple ID account any data associated with it is permanently gone and this action is irreversible.
  • Sign-out from all devices which uses Apple ID.

This guide will help most of you delete your Apple ID in the most complete and easiest way possible.

Follow these steps to delete/deactivate an account

1. Visit https://privacy.apple.com using your Pc, Mac, iPad.
2. The landing page will ask you to put in your 2FA code or your passcode.
3. Click the  ‘Delete’ option given in your account and then click ‘Get started’.
4. Apple will ask you to select the reason for deleting your account click  ‘Continue’
Now Check the terms and conditions and again click Continue.
5. After this, you need to select an email id or any of your phone numbers used to create your Apple ID for getting updates on your account status.
6. A code will be sent to you on your device which is important so we advise you to save it somewhere.
7. Within a week’s time, your account will be deleted.

The deactivation process is very similar to that of deleting your account the only difference is that this way your account is not permanently deleted. Apple will also stop storing and processing your data. There’s also the possibility of restoring your data.


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