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How To Earn More From Your Old Laptop


Laptops sales have been on the decline steadily as smartphones become more powerful and take over the market space. That doesn’t mean that an old laptop doesn’t have its uses anymore. For processing-heavy tasks like gaming and video editing, a laptop remains the best solution.

Unlike a smartphone, a laptop can last for a much longer period of time if you utilize it in a proper manner. That being said, new laptops are coming out nearly every month. Each one is trying to outperform its competition. Whether it’s an Apple or a Dell, a laptop can begin to look obsolete in 2-3 years. At this time, you can probably consider selling your old laptop.

Selling your old laptop online

Many websites offer a direct marketplace to sell your old laptop. But you may not earn enough on such portals. An alternative is Cashify, which provides the best industry standard prices on the exchange of a laptop. The system has been built to offer transparent pricing without any ambiguity.

Visit the Cashify website (or download the app) and choose the sell your laptop option. The rest of the steps are very simple, and do not require much, except for the details and condition of your laptop. After this, you will be quoted the best possible price according to the condition of the laptop and if you accept, the sales executive will provide the cash for your laptop on your doorstep.

Extra Cashbacks

Need some extra cash topped up when disposing of your laptop? Take them from sites like Cashkaro, CouponRani, and CouponzGuru. Earn more than Rs 150 when you sell via Cashify, and even 100% extra cashback if you’re lucky!


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