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How To Erase Data From Android Mobiles Before Final Sale!


It is not a surprise to say that Android is one of the most popular operating systems across the world. Operating on majority of the smartphones, Android is bound face some functional issues due to which the feature of factory reset comes into picture.


As a disclaimer, make sure you perform factory reset on your device post you have backed up all the required data including photos, videos, contacts, text messages, installed apps, games, etc. Also, though the process is the same for all Android devices, the steps may differ in few models due to their interface.

As far as Android devices are concerned, users can perform a factory reset on their Android smartphones by following these simple steps:

Go to Settings.

Locate & click on Back up and Reset


Under the option of personal data, click on Factory data reset.


Then click on Reset Device & you’re done.


Since it is a widely used OS, virus threats, draining out of battery, saturating the internal storage, etc., can be few problems that lead to factory reset.

Other than this, when it comes to selling the used phone, it is not only mandatory but it becomes the users’ responsibility to perform a factory reset before its final sale on Cashify!



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