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How To Erase Data From BlackBerry Mobiles Before Final Sale!


BlackBerry smartphones are one of a kind. Unlike Android, Windows & iOS devices, performing factory reset will not completely reset or erase the data from your BlackBerry devices. Thus, it becomes difficult for the users to sell their old smartphones.


A reset in BlackBerry devices can be of two types, i.e., a hard reset and a soft reset. Hard reset requires the battery to be removed temporarily from the devices. On the contrary, a soft reset can only be performed only on BlackBerry devices that come with a QWERTY keypad as a soft reset is a key combination.

Though the goal of both hard and soft reset is the same, both the reset types are not useful when one has to erase or back up the data before the final sale or upgrading to a latest technology.


As a disclaimer, please note that in order to erase personal data, one has to perform the security wipe process on BlackBerry devices. Thus, to be able to perform a security wipeout, follow these simple steps:

Go to Options on the home screen. 

Click on Security.


Select Security Wipe.


Check off the boxes for the items that have to be wiped out.

Enter the term “blackberry” (field is not case-sensitive)

Select Wipe and you’re done.


Once the security wipe is performed, the BlackBerry smartphones will reset automatically a few times. Post this process is finished, all the previous data that was selected will be erased completely.

Note: Users, who have a carrier BlackBerry email account, will have to get in touch with the respective wireless service provider to disassociate their previous account from the smartphone.


This will put a stop to all the old messages from being sent to your smartphone again. Having said that, following the security wipe procedure is a must to ensure that your used BlackBerry device is safe to be sold on Cashify!



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