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How To Erase Data From iOS Devices Before Final Sale!


Whether your iPhone or iPad is crashing or you’re planning to sell it or pass it on, the first and foremost thing to do is wipe out the data and reset the iPhone to factory settings.

Before doing anything of that sort, make sure you have backed up all your emails, photos, videos, notes, passwords and any other personal data. Having said that, follow these simple steps in order to reset your iPhone or any other iOS device back to factory settings.

Go to Settings & click on General.

Click on Reset.

1 (2)

Select Erase All Content and Settings.

Type your passcode when prompted (if you had set one)

Click on Erase iPhone in the warning box, and you’re done.

3 (2)

Unlike android users, iOS device users will require an Apple ID password to proceed with the further process.

Post confirming the action, the iOS device whether iPad or iPhone, will erase all the data from the internal storage and users will see the initial screen that they saw while using the device first time.

Your iOS device is now ready to be sold hassle-free at Cashify!


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