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How To Erase Data From Windows Mobiles Before Final Sale!


Setting a Windows phone back to factory settings is usually considered as the last resort as far as Windows mobiles are concerned. Unlike the Android devices, Windows OS is considered more secure.

Lumia 535 bloccato, come riavviarlo con hard o soft reset

On the contrary, being a smartphone, a Windows mobiles are also prone to many troubles like that of instability, recurring lock-ups and random reboots.

Likewise, ensure that all your data is backed up. Post backing up your data, you can simply reset your Windows phone by following these simple steps.

Go to Settings.

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Click on the about section

Locate & click on Reset Your Phone button at the bottom.

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Select Yes in the warning box and you’re done.

wp_ss_20160531_0004 (1)


This procedure becomes a mandate when it comes to users’ privacy. Thus, with these steps, users can be assured that their used Windows mobile is now safe to be sold on Cashify!



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