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How To Find The Resale Value Of Your Old Phone?


You see the launch of a new smartphone. You want to go ahead and buy it. But there it hits you – what about your older smartphone— ‘how much will I get for my old handset? Will someone buy it?’ Is the resale value worth it at all?

Calculating Resale Value With Cashify

For those familiar with the Cashify, it is actually quite easy to find out about the resale value of the old phone you want to exchange. Cashify shows the exact resale value that is calculated as per the details put in by the customer.

These variables include things such as the screen condition, if there is any damage on the phone, bill and the model of the phone among other things. The resale value calculated will be the best possible price for your phone according to the current market standards as such.

Once you’ve calculated your handset’s value, you can even schedule the sale and pick up right from your doorstep. Get instant cash when you give away your phone, and put that into buying that dream phone you just saw!

There are always other websites like Quikr and Olx, wherein you can plug in your handset details and get value. However, the methods used by these websites are not always reliable and involves heavy negotiations which you probably wish to avoid.


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