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Smartphone protection: How to make your phone last longer


Smartphone makers are working overtime to make sure that the devices they make are durable. However, that may not be enough since it is only natural for phones to get broken or damaged during day to day activities.

Pre-emptive measures

So, how can you make your smartphone last longer? Well, generally speaking, it can be done using various add-ons and external products to protect your smartphone from damage. The most important part of any mobile device is the screen and it can be protected using hard covers.

Hard covers surround your phone so that it can absorb maximum impact if the phone is dropped or bumped against something hard. Another way to make your phone more durable is to put a tempered glass on it. So in case of damage, the phone’s screen will not be shattered.

Professional Protection

Despite all your efforts to protect your phone, there will be times when you end up breaking or damaging your smartphone accidentally. In such scenarios Cashify comes to the rescue! Cashify offers an Extended Warranty plan which allows you to avail warranty on manufacturing defects in a gadget after the manufacturer’s warranty is over.

There’s also the Cashify Premium Protection plan which protects your phone against accidental and liquid damage, without any depreciation loss. What this means is that, there are no hidden costs for you. However, the protection can only be purchased within 30 days from the purchase of a new phone.