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How To Make Your Smartphone Live Longer?


In today’s world, smartphones are an inseparable necessity. Your smartphone is your alarm clock today, your reminder for important events, your navigator, your media device, your gaming console, your documents editor and much, much more. The list just goes on and on.

Many of us don’t like to keep changing our handhelds every few months. It’s not too hard to achieve this, as there are only a few important things we need to do and precautions we need to take. Here is a list of the steps we can take to protect our smartphones from becoming inoperable in a short time i.e. increasing their life.

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#1 – Using a Phone Case/Cover

Physical shock is one of the main reasons for under performance or even death of a smartphone. The best way to avoid or at least reduce the physical shock a smartphone will have to sustain in case of being dropped or any other reasons, is using a case or cover.

A smartphone cover not only reduces the chances of breaking your phone when dropped, it also helps prevent the cell phone body from scratches or blemishes. Not only this, you can enhance the way your smartphone looks by using different types of cases.

Cases/covers come in a variety of types, ranging from bulky and premium feeling ones to thin ones, aluminum ones, leather ones, plastic ones and many other different types of these accessories are available in the market today.

So, next time you drop your phone by any chance, make sure it has a cover on it.


#2 – Using a Waterproofing Case

If your smartphone isn’t IP58 certified, the best alternative is using a waterproof case. These types of cases are specially designed to protect smartphones from water for a given depth and specified time period.

These cases are bulky, but if you are a person who is near water on a regular basis, a waterproof case will serve your needs.


#3 – Using proper Battery Charging Cycles

A smartphone’s battery is a very important component. We all know that, but how can we preserve this important piece of hardware?

The answer is fairly simple – proper charging cycles. The way you charge your phone should complement the battery and preserve its life. This is a somewhat tedious business, but as with everything, technology makes it easier. You can easily download applications which monitor your battery for statistics like battery usage, battery life et cetera and provide you with recommendations on how and when to charge your smartphones.

You can also avoid notorious apps, known for draining battery life. Here are a few.

Some apps that can be useful for this purpose are:

Android- Battery Doctor | iOS- Battery Doctor | Windows Phone- Battery Monitor


#4 – Using a Screen Protector

Most of the latest smartphones come with some or the other type of a scratch resistant glass display, but this does not guarantee that your screen will be scratch-less by the end of the month.

Metal keys, pens, coins, rings et cetera won’t scratch your screen, the culprit for this is sand, dust whatever you call it. Tiny specs of Silica can make scratches on your smartphone screens and leave them looking ugly. To prevent this, you can use screen protectors.


Screen protectors come in a huge range of types, from glossy, shiny ones to dark ones and even some which enhance outdoor usage.

So next time you are afraid of getting a dent on your screen, make sure you have a screen protector on.

#5 – Firmware Updates

Every peice of software, no matter how perfect we claim it to be, has some flaws, some bugs or loopholes. These affect the performance of a device and lead to bad user experience.

Every smartphone manufacturer tries to to fix these problems and enhance the user experience using regular updates.

Updates not only fix bugs and problems, but also bring in new features to the devices. So, it is highly recommended you update your device firmware as soon as its released – before the previous version destroys your device.

#6 – Miscellaneous

  • Avoid using your smartphone while it’s charging
  • Don’t let your device overheat for long.
  • Restart your device on a regular basis, this clears up junk files.
  • Kill unnecessary tasks running in the background.
  • Clear your cache and junk files using any third party task managers.

These were some of the ways you could make your smartphone last longer. Following these steps will guarantee you a very good user experience, and of course – longer life.

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