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How to Optimize ‘Storage Space Running Out’ Problems on Android smartphone


Yes, we know that feeling when you’re trying to install a new app, or click another photo, and your phone refuses due to Storage Space Running Out. It’s not the end of the world though. There are plenty of ways to help yourself here.

Back up photos and videos to Google Photos

Photos and video take the maximum space on any phone, and more so, with their integrated cameras bringing increasingly high MPl counts. Download the free Google Photos from the Play Store. Back up all photos and video over Wi-Fi.

Move other files to Cloud Storage

You can also use Google Drive (another free app) or any other free cloud-storage app to hold onto other files. Even if you’re not running low on storage, doing this ensures you won’t lose your media should you break or lose your device. You can also use Cashify App to store your files on the cloud.

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Delete any old apps and games you don’t use

Quite a few apps could be gobbling up space on your phone. It’s best to delete some of these useless apps as you can later decide to download them again and get over from storage space running out problems. Open Play Store, open the Settings menu and the Installed tab will show you every app on your phone or tablet. For removing, simply select the apps and choose Uninstall.

Clear out your cached files

Cache is data of apps stored every time you use them. They can collect over an alarming amount of size in the ROM. Clearing out these files is a good start to freeing space. Open Settings menu, and then Storage. Scroll down to and tap on Cached data and clear it for all apps.

Move files to a microSD card

If your phone supports microSD, you can then use this medium for storing photos and other files, and keep internal storage free.

Still running full on Memory or storage space running out notifications pops out? It’s because your device storage is too short to handle enough amount of data and needs an upgrade. Your can now easily upgrade your old mobile or smartphone and Get cash for your old device on Cashify & upgrade to newer devices.