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How to Receive all Your Android Notifications on Your PC


Those of you who use Windows get to test out many of the platform’s upcoming features, and one of the latest builds will allow you to receive notifications from any of your Android devices on your desktop. Also, there’s no need to worry about notification overload, due to the fact that you can set it up to only sending alerts for the apps you want the most.

Android Notifications on Windows 10

All the Windows 10 users will be having access to updates from your Android devices when the Windows 10’s Anniversary edition upgrade is released this summer, but as of now, you can sign up for the Windows Insider Program.

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On your Android device, install Cortana from the Google Play Store. Tap Open. Enter your email address and password and click Sign in. Use the same Microsoft account that you use for Cortana on your PC. Tap the Menu icon. Tap Sync notifications.

Tap Notification centre permission. Tap the switch next to Cortana. Turn on the switches for apps whose notifications you want to send to your PC. On your PC, click Ask me anything. Turn on Send notifications between devices. Click on both the next options that appear and you are all set.

The next time you receive any notification on your mobile phone, you will also get a notification on your Desktop on Cortana. If it is a message you can also instantly reply from your Desktop.

If you don’t have a PC that can run Windows 10, sell it on Cashify and upgrade now!