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How to run Facebook on your phone without impacting battery


If you delete the Facebook app from your smartphone, even if its an Android or iPhone, you could significantly improve the mobile’s battery life.

An Android’s battery lifecan be reduced by as much as 20 percent in 1 hour of continuous usage, thanks to Facebook.

The social network app is quite convenient however, but if you’re willing to trade slight conveniences for better battery though, here’s what you need to do.

Open your phone’s web browser

Go to facebook.com and access the “Menu” – you might have to login. Once you’re there, tap the “menu” icon on the upper-right side. Tap account settings and then tap notifications, Go to mobile and tap turn on. You’ll see below there are a lot of options for the different types of notifications that you can receive, enable whichever ones you want.

App #1 – Fb Lite

Facebook Lite is an app which is meant to work on a bad network connection and it takes away features like Instant Articles and more but it will keep you connected nonetheless via all the necessary features.

App #2 – Fast for Facebook

Fast is another app to access Facebook. A new update has made it better than before. It looks more and more like the native app now with its lovely blue theme. And it also lets you create a lot of custom News Feed from the various pages you like.

App #3 – Swipe for Facebook: A Super-Fast Mobile Wrapper

Another app which is quite good compared to the alternatives – because it is getting the small details right. Like switching tabs with a swipe to using Chrome, Custom Tabs, and also the abillity to emulate Instant Articles.