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How to transfer files using NFC


NFC or Near Field Communication, is a popular, not to forget – useful protocol, for transferring data between two devices. You can send photos, videos, files, or make a payment, simply be bringing two devices in contact with each other. There’s no need to deal with the pairing pains of Bluetooth.

NFC devices have the N-Mark — the official symbol which indicates that the device is NFC-enabled. You can also just check out your phone’s Settings menu.

Activating NFC

If your device has NFC enabled, the chip and the Android Beam must be activated for you to use it. Go to Settings and the tap on the NFC switch to activate it.

Data Sharing Key Points

For data sharing to be successful, take care of the following:

  • The sending and also the receiving devices should have NFC and the Android Beam feature activated.
  • The devices should not be asleep or locked. You’ll be getting both audio and haptic feedback when the devices detect each other.
  • Do not separate the devices until the beaming has ended.
  • You’ll be again hearing the audio feedback when the file or has been successfully transferred.

Sending Content

  • For sharing, open content to be shared.
  • The devices’ must be placed backs against each other.
  • Wait for sound that both devices have detected each other. Notice that the sender’s screen shrinks into a thumbnail and displays “Touch to beam” at top.
  • Touch the sender’s display to begin beaming. You’ll be hearing a sound when the beaming starts.

When it’s complete you’ll again hear audio confirmation. You’ll either get a notification that the beaming has been completed, or the handler app will launch and open the transferred content.

That’s how easy, and rapid it is, to share content via NFC. Now chuck Bluetooth will you? And if your device doesn’t have NFC, perhaps it is time to sell it on Cashify and upgrade 😉