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HTC: The Silent Crusader Picking Up Where Samsung Left


Back in 2011, when Samsung stormed the smartphone market with its revolutionary Galaxy S2, HTC was a company not much talked about (though its handsets were always appreciated). They had many phones to compete with the Samsung Flagship, the likes of the HTC Sensation and the Evo 3D to name a few, but they didn’t have THAT power and popularity the Samsung device had managed to achieve. HTC knew clearly that this was going to be a tough fight.

The next year, HTC came forward with their flagship phone, the One S. It was nice and all, yeah, but it couldn’t beat the then King’s Flagship, the Galaxy S3.

2013: The Downfall of Sammy

HTC Takes Over From Samsung After The S4
HTC Takes Over From Samsung After The S4


After facing failure after failure, HTC decided to go back to its drawing tables and make a device that the world would keep watching and gawking over. After consistent hard work and patience, HTC, with many hopes, launched the HTC One (M7).

Change of Hierarchies, New King in Town

HTC's M7 Takes The Market By Storm
HTC’s M7 Takes The Market By Storm


Samsung’s 2013 flagship, the S4 faced a lot of criticism for not being a revolutionary change like its previous counterparts had been. It just was an iterative upgrade to the S3, sharing similar design and features. In the midst of all this, HTC had launched the most beautifully designed Android phone of all time. With a metal and glass frame, it looked more like a piece of art than a smartphone. And with top-end specs to match, here was a device that finally catapulted HTC to the top spot.

2014 is it?

The most challenging part for the mobile giant was designing a successor to their success. This was surely a difficult task for HTC to manage. They had to make a worthy successor to the previous years’ One (M7). But heck, they came up with another smartphone that made everyone drool.

The HTC One (M8): Designed by Tony Stark

The HTC M8
The HTC M8


HTC succeeded in the mammoth task to kick the bar higher too. They built an even more beautiful device than the One (M7) and matched it with great software and hardware specs.

Speed Breaker: 2015

HTC M9: Beginning Of A New Era
HTC M9: Beginning Of A New Era


HTC was skyrocketing at the speed of light but as the world cannot remain constant, there was a slight hitch in where the smartphone manufacturer stands in the market today. While the HTC One M9 is an amazing phone, it faced similar criticism that the Galaxy S4 had faced back then.


Facing this bump, HTC is still going strong but the crown has been lifted off its head for now. The company has always been focused on providing the best user experience with the features and stuff that matter the most. Let’s see what the future holds for this amazing manufacturer.

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