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HTC U11 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Face Off

Source: Fonpit.de

HTC’s new flagship – the U11, is an amazing smartphone. It combines extremely eye-catching looks, solid build quality, useful quality-of-life features and blazing performance.

But then, so is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is its closest competitor! A face-off between the two devices should help us reveal the complete picture on which smartphone wins. Let’s dive in!


Who says all smartphones look the same? We have the most glamorous handsets on the market here: the HTC U11 with its coloured, curved glass back and dazzling liquid surface finish, and then there is the amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 with its gorgeous, sweeping Infinity Display screen, which actually curves around the sides to seamlessly merge with the glass back panel.

It appears as though certainly the S8 has a more understated look than the U11. If we were forced to pick a winner the Samsung device’s elegance would be it; there is no denying that it is actually the best-looking phone that is on the market. But to be fair, both of these phones are great pieces of design that stand out from the pack.


The HTC U11 has a lovely screen. It has a 5.5in IPS LCD with a QHD resolution (that’s 2560 x 1440 pixels), and it delivers extremely vibrant, bright and detailed images.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has what one could probably say is the best smartphone screen ever. It has a mesmerizingly rich 5.8in Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 (a stretched QHD, basically) and an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. This makes it a significantly taller (or wider, in landscape view) than almost all smartphone screens. It also covers a much greater proportion of the phone’s front side. The S8 has to take the cake for this.


In terms of optics, the Samsung Galaxy S8’s rear camera is a 12MP f/1.7 shooter, It’s got optical image stabilisation, always-on HDR, and super-fast dual-pixel autofocus, and delivers extremely superb results in good lighting and impressive images in low light. Quite a bit of this is down to a clever image processing tweak, whereby the camera actually takes three photos per shutter button press, using two of them to eliminate blur and reduce noise.

The HTC U11 has a similar rear camera setup with a 12 MP sensor, f/1.7 lens, dual-pixel AF, optical image stabilisation (5-axis this time), always-on HDR. However, in terms of clarity of photos, it edges the S8 out.


Both have 4 GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. But the U11 clean UI gives it the edge in terms of performance.

Both devices are great and perform well, so we can’t decide a winner. If you rather want looks and design, go for S8 and if you rather want great performance and camera then choose the U11.

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