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Huawei Files A Patent For A Foldable Phone


Huawei has filed a patent for making a foldable phone, joining the ranks of other tech giants who have done so, namely Apple, Samsung, LG and Microsoft.

Reports have stated that the company had filed for a patent for a “mobile terminal folding mechanism and mobile terminal” at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The CEO of Huawei had mentioned earlier that the company has worked for some time on a prototype device that might one day materialize as a foldable phone.

The images that are visible in the patent image showcase what appears to be a device which is more akin to a notebook with a hinge in between to fold the device. Once the device opens up, it becomes rectangular in shape. One can consider this phone to be equivalent to that of a tablet which can be folded. In a way, this would give the user a lot more screen space while reducing the footprint of the device.


No one is quite sure when this foldable Huawei phone will make its way or what it will be called. It is also not all that clear if Huawei will be successful in making the phone. However, we must realize that Huawei is at the forefront of technology innovation, and it would be well within their reach to make a foldable device faster than both Apple and Samsung.

As it happens, Samsung’s foldable phone could be called as the Galaxy X and DJ Koh, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division has assured investors and fans alike that the phone is not a hoax. So to that, it would seem that Samsung would most likely be launching this foldable phone first. But one can not discard Apple as it happens to be the trendsetter in the mobile world.

Other Design Trends We’ve Seen

The design trend for mobile phones is constantly changing. Last year, we saw the birth of the 18:9 aspect ratio display, which was introduced first by Samsung. This paved the way for bezel-less displays which were more screen and less of the irritating bezels that we’d all grown used to.

Before that, there was this other trend of stuffing in dual-cameras in every phone possible. As it so happened even devices who were in the price range of Rs 8,000 or less found themselves having a dual-camera setup. In today’s time, the most important design element is the notch. Started first by the Essential Ph-1 phone back in September, it was made more mainstream and popular by the iPhone X.

Now it would seem that all phones want to copy this feature right from bug companies such as Asus and Huawei to the all-time Apple copycats, Vivo and Oppo. OnePlus (of which Cashify is an exclusive exchange partner) also looks to be jumping ship with all the other Chinese smartphone makers to put a notch on its flagship device.