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Huawei Is Bringing Its 5G Phone In 2019


While there are plenty of rumours about how OnePlus may bring out the first smartphone with 5G technology, it is also important to remember that as of right now there is zero coverage of 5G networks anywhere in the world. Operating 5G networks on existing towers which are programmed to only run LTE is going to be an arduous task.

However, it seems that Huawei is going to be leading from the forefront in the world of 5G. At many exhibitions in China, Huawei has proudly announced its intentions of bringing 5G technology throughout the world. To that end Huawei has already signed up deals with some of the top telecom providers in Europe to give them the all the assistance in setting up the required infrastructure for optimal 5G usage.

5G Hardware From Huawei

Now whilst helping establish a strong 5G infrastructure, Huawei is also gunning for making chipsets using the new modem that will be required for handling 5G speeds. Qualcomm has already debuted the Snapdragon 850 chipset with the X50 5G modem and Huawei is working on something similar as well.

The company claims that the world can expect to see the first 5G Huawei phone in the second half of 2019. Now while that is great news, we are not quite sure which lineup will the phone be from. Reports have suggested that it can most likely be the new Mate phone keeping in mind that most of the advanced technologies first appear in its Mate series of smartphones.

What is also quite interesting is that Huawei has already shown a concept of the new Balong 5G enabled chipset at the Mobile World Congress 2018. While this is not the real deal it certainly steps in the right direction. Reports have stated that the chipset inside the upcoming Huawei device will be likely modelled after this new chipset but obviously, nothing can be said for sure.

The First Phones With 5G

While speculations are quite rife about the Mate series debuting with 5G technology, there is also a very good possibility that that Huawei’s first 5G smartphone might warrant a new series of smartphones altogether.

In any case, if OnePlus has its way, the company will be releasing a new 5G device before Huawei can get its chance. Already, OnePlus is in talks with a major US telecom carrier for selling the very first unlocked OnePlus device. Huawei will not be enjoying the same privileges in the US since FBI has warned telecom operators that Huawei may be tied with the Chinese government for conducting espionage.

All that may come to bite the US consumers if Huawei turns out to be the very first company bringing out 5G technology to the world. It’s anyway also rumoured to be planning a foldable phone.